PWL: Stoner Keeps Rolling

Wednesday night, Tobi Stoner tossed six shutout innings to help his Indios de Mayaguez in the Puerto Rican Winter Leauge clinch a playoff spot.  Stoner, who walked three and fanned three, yielded just two hits.  He has allowed as many as two runs just once in his five PWL appearances.

Stoner has a sterlig 1.50 ERA in his five PWL appearances.  The chart below compares Stoner’s performance in AA, the Arizona Fall League and the PWL seasons.


-Stoner always throws strikes.  This is good.

-Stoner’s K/rate has stagnated below 7/9 innings.  This is less good.

-Stoner is durable.  This is also good.

I’m left wondering whether the decline in Stoner’s walk rate in the PWL and the associated drop in his ERA isn’t due more to the level of play in the league than any dramatic change or improvement in his own pitching.

Stoner’s Indios team opens the playoffs Friday night with a best-of-seven series against Michael Antonini and Ricky Bones’ Leones de Ponce.

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  1. Willie Randolphs

    Toby , Dillon Gee won the Pitcher Of The Year Award in the PR winter league (4-0 2.22 era) he got 15 of the 22 first place votes !

  2. Willie Randolphs

    About the decline in the era and walk rate of Stoner it might be the level of play but in the last game ( the one in your post) he pitched against a pretty good lineup , there were guys like Pudge, Luis Matos, Raul Casanova,Ramon Vazquez (all MLB)and “prospects” like Robert Cosby and Justin Maxwell !

  3. prospector

    Great News For Dillon Gee winning Pitcher OF The Year in the PRWL.
    The kid has just been awesome and is maybe starting to get some recognition.
    Where did you see that on Gee? I’d like to read it.

    On a side note:
    Why does everyone associated with mets blogs, media, fans etc. always have to look for something to be wrong in every good bit of info on our prospects. Why can it not just be Stoner is doing great and leave it at that?
    Why can’t there be a positive without tearing it down with a negative?
    I like to think our guys truely are better than even their “proponents” think especially if I am only working off of info gleened from the net and have personally never seen them.
    I may end up being wrong, but it is a lot more exciting trip than always looking for a downside .

    2009, TCOUB

  4. NateW

    My (limited) exposure to winter ball is that the old saying ‘you don’t walk your way off the island’ holds true. The hitters are aggressive, and the veterans who join in later seem to run with that style of play too. So I would put less weight in his improved walk rate.

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