Rain Go Away

So I tuned into game two of the NYP League Championship series and instead of the dulcet tones of Warner Fuselle heard MGMT’s
“Kids,” which is cool enough since I love the song, but a bummer, because well, the Cyclones are in a rain delay.  As are the Jets and the US Open.  So, I’ll just have to wait.  And now they’re playing unlistenable, crappy techno on WKRB.

So, here’s the Kids video:

Kids – Mgmt “Official video”.

Update: Brooklyn was postponed again Monday.  So they’ll try again Tuesday.  At least the bullpen will be well-rested.

There are 2 comments

  1. Russ

    I got back from Coney Island a while ago. The rain completely stopped in time to start the game, but foul territory resembled a lap pool. It would have been wrong to play the game in such unsafe conditions, so I’m glad that it was re-postponed.

    I can live with minor league stadiums not having retractable domes… well sort of. DIdn’t the federal government have a $3/4 trillion stimulus program? The Appalachian League could be stylin’ in new stadii as I type. Anywho, what about prescription turf for minor league stadiums? If we had that in Coney Island, the game would be well under way.

  2. Bren

    Goodness! Rained out again. I’m a little surprised, and maybe even disappointed, the Wilpon’s aren’t taking advantage of this with a few ringers…

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