Robert Shields Signs

shields-fsc-headshot.gifAccording to Brooklyn Cyclones manager Pedro Lopez, the Mets second pick in the 2009 draft, third rounder SS Robert Shields signed his contract on Tuesday.  He’s been with Brooklyn, but in the words of his new manager, “hasn’t done anything in 10 days.”  Lopez thought that it would take Shields and the Cyclones staff “four or five days to get him in baseball shape.”

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  1. theperfectgame

    Well, that’s some good news. Hopefully he turns out better than the Mets’ other recent second picks.

    2008: Reese Havens – Obviously, the jury’s still out and we have high hopes. He has looked good at times, but has struggled with injuries. He’s also been outshined by the Mets’ other ’08 first rounders, Ike Davis and Brad Holt.

    2007: Nathan Vineyard – Injury. Then one day, he’s just gone. Ouch.

    2006: Joe Smith – Okay, this one worked out pretty well.

    2005: Hector Pellot – Still in A-ball. And not a regular.

    2004: Matt Durkin – D’oh!

    2003: Shane Hawk – Who?!?

    2002: Bobby Malek – Oops.

    1. NickM

      re: Havens – despite the injuries and low batting average hes managed a nice OBP and shown good power.. and I’d be willing to bet his average would rise alot if he wasn’t always hurt.

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