Rule 5 Draft: Mets Lose Ramirez, add Brad Emaus & Pedro Beato

Major League Phase
With the sixth pick in the Major League Baseball Rule Five draft, the Washington Nationals picked Mets RHP Elvin Ramirez.  He’s opened eyes with his Dominican Winter League performance, throwing harder with better control, than he’d ever done before.  Even if he’s really throwing 98 or 99 mph, the odds of a guy with 6.2 innings above advanced-A sticking on a big league roster all year long are relatively long.

With their first pick, at #11, the Mets drafted 2B Brad Emaus from Toronto.  Emaus, who will turn 25 a little over a week before Opening Day 2011 hit .272/.402/.434 in 38 games in AA New Hampshire this year before hitting .298/.395/.495 in the 87 games in AAA in the thin air of Las Vegas.  The right-handed hitter has an outstanding plate eye.  In New Hampshire, he drew 31 walks and struck out 19 times.  In AAA, he drew 50 walks and struck out 50 times.  He played 22 games at second in AA and 11 at third while in AAA he spent much more time at third where he played 76 games, than at second where he played only 10. Before the draft, Baseball America wrote: “he’s a well below-average runner (despite his 13 steals in 15 tries this season) and his defense at both second and third is below-average.”
Emaus, who was originally an 11th round pick in 2007, brings some plate discipline to the competition for the second base job.  His value as a utility infield type is limited by the fact that he’s never played shortstop.

With their second MLB pick, the Mets corrected an old mistake, by drafting RHP Pedro Beato from Baltimore.  The Mets originally drafted Beato out of Xavarian HS in Brooklyn in the 17th round in 2005 as part of the old draft-and-follow system.  As his value rose alongside his fastball velocity, approaching the 2006 draft, the Mets balked at Beato’s asking price before the Orioles took him 32nd overall.  Prior to the 2006 draft, Baseball America wrote that he was sitting at 90 mph, but could touch 96.  In 59.2 innings out of the AA Bowie bullpen this year, Beato struck out 50, walked 19 and gave up just 49 hits.  Sure, a K/BB ratio of 2.6, that’s nice. Jim Callis at Baseball America called Beato’s sinker “solid.”
Beato obviously steps right into the Mets’ wide-open bullpen competition this spring.

Two kind people on Twitter corrected me that Xavarian was in Brooklyn and not Queens.  thanks.  The sad part is that I’ve been to the school out in Bay Ridge.  My bad, y’all.

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  1. Tvators1

    The Mets corrected an old mistake, by drafting RHP Pedro Beato from Baltimore… seems like teh Mets were actually correct for not giving Beato 1 million dollars and it was actually the O’s who made the mistake.

    1. NateW

      I would agree, if that signing bonus were deserved Beato wouldnt be available to sign, he would be in the Orioles rotation…

      With Alderson there I’m sure the past connection tothe Mets had absolutely nothing to do with the selection.

  2. theperfectgame

    Brad Emaus = Justin Turner?

    Maybe not equals, but it looks like they’re pretty damn similar to me. They even kinda look alike.

    1. mark4212

      There is a wide open competition at 2nd.

      Remember that Emaus was in Toronto. Where Richardi was before he was with the Mets and probably drafted him and thinks highly of him.

      I like what the mets did in the Rule 5. With an Wide-Open Bullpen and a Competition at 2nd base.

      Both of these moves have a chance to payoff/Stick

      1. theperfectgame

        I agree.

        I was just observing that, at a glance at least, Turner and Emaus have remarkably similar histories, skillsets, builds, and scouting reports.

      2. stickguy

        turner gets the tie breaker though, having actually played SS.

        not that he is likely to ever be good enough to start there, but playing 5 games a year so Jose can get a rest seems doable.

      3. NateW

        factor in that they have to offer Emaus back to Toronto and maybe he gets the edge. Always better to have both guys, than the one who is 5% better, imo.

  3. anthonyp

    Toby – to further clarify, my alma mater is spelled Xaverian *not* Xavarian. Off the top of my head, the Clippers have had 3 alumni play in the majors – Frank Seminara, Ruddy Lugo and Rich Aurilia.

    Okay – I just cheated and did some googling: Apparently there is a fourth: Pedro Hernandez, who played in MLB from ’79-’82, according to I say “apparently” because it also states he was drafted in 1998 (!?), in addition to omitting Seminara from the Xaverian alumni list.

    Other than this geographical/spelling error, great & informative site, by the way. Keep up the good work!


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