Rule 5 Draft Prep

The Rule Five Draft is Thursday morning.  I expect the Mets to take a player or two.

Baseball America did a two part series on the available players focusing in the first instance on players with more upside, and in the second on guys who might actually stick as role players.

Baseball News Hound has a more comprehensive list, and its not behind a paywall.

H/T to Hank for the link.

Edit: the Mets’ 40-man roster currently sits at 39 players without the official inclusion of Jon Rauch and Frank Francisco.  As it stands, the Mets will have to clear one spot just to add both of those guys.  If they are interested in adding players through the Rule 5 Draft (or any other means) they’ll need to trim some someone else.    At the moment, the guys with the shakiest holds on roster spots are probably Chris Schwinden and Josh Stinson on the pitching side and Josh Satin and Zach Lutz on the position side.

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