Sandy Alderson on Going Over-Slot in the Draft and Defensive Metrics

The draft stuff begins at 1:46.

Going over slot, “can give you a competitive advantage…. We have gotten to the point where not only big market clubs are going over slot, but small market clubs are going over slot and they see it as a competitive advantage. I don’t think we can be left behind in that regard…”

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    1. mark4212

      Music to everyone’s ears.

      DePodest’s history shows that he will take chances in the draft with over-slot from top to bottom.

      I also hope that the Mets will become an even stronger player in the IFA market (until MLB institutes a fully international draft)

  1. MikeMac

    I totally agree.There is no reason why smaller market teams spend on draft picks and the Mets do not.Blue Jays last draft went over slot 18 times.I got banned from the Sny’s message board because i felt the Mets are or where doing a terrible job drafting.

    I realize this does not always guarantee success.Stock piling draft picks gives you more quality depth,and puts you in position to make moves.Also it allows you to stop over paying for older players.So glad to hear this news.

    1. mark4212

      Stockpiling picks is something you have to do. Baseball drafts are so hit and miss as it is. It ups your chances of one of these guys hitting.

  2. MikeMac

    On a unrelated topic,is anybody aware of any changes to the training staff?Mets have had far to many injuries,something needs to change.Diet or just new training techniques.

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