Selected Zack Wheeler Reading

Baseball 365 has an interview with Zack Wheeler. Perhaps this is the most remarkable exchange:

BL: If you could choose one word to describe yourself, what would it be and why?

ZW: Determined, because until I was 16 I couldn’t make a baseball team, and one coach gave me a chance and ever since then it’s taken off. 

– FanGraphs published their mid-season Top 50 prospects revision and placed Zack Wheeler at #4 in all of baseball. Like most mid-season lists, FanGraphs excluded 2012 draftees.
I struggle with mid-season lists. I’ve never done one. Excluding 2012 draftees makes sense because they haven’t played yet, but it certainly distorts the rankings and gives a false sense of player value.

– This line from Andy McCullough on Sunday is classic, “[Terry] Collins has begun a subtle stump campaign for Wheeler. He understands that Wheeler must spend time in Triple A first…”

That’s pretty much it right now. Wheeler had a great start last time out, he’s been one of the Eastern League’s best pitchers, but he needs the test of the minors’ best hitters at AAA before the Mets can give him a big league look.

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