Short Season Sunday: Ceciliani Stays Hot, den Dekker Debuts

SSA: Brooklyn Cyclones 7, @ Staten Island Yankees 4

CF Darrell Ceciliani (.391/.444/.562) was 2-4 as Brooklyn, at 30-13, extended its lead to eight games over the second-place Yankees. There’s a nice story here from Jim Waggoner at about Ceciliani.
His hitting coach, Benny DiStefano explained some of Ceciliani’s success:

“He has a very good approach and plan…He’s hitting the ball hard …
line to line. He’s a plus runner and a plus outfielder. In my opinion,
he’s definitely on the road to becoming a big-league player.”

C Blake Forsythe (.242/.333/.394 – 10 games), the Mets third-rounder out of the University of Tennessee, lifted his first professional home run.
LHP Angel Cuan (5-0, 1.68) struck out 10 with one walk in his 5.2 innings.  He gave up two runs on three hits, one of which was a home run.

R – Kingsport: Elizabethton Twins 6, Kingsport Mets 2
3B Aderlin Rodriguez (.297/.345/.555) was 2-4, one night after having his eight-game hitting streak snapped.  The 18-year old hit .310/.357/.560 in July.

R- GCL: @ GCL Mets 5, GCL Nationals 1
CF Matt Den Dekker was 0-3 in his professional debut.  I suspect den Dekker, who will be 23 in nine days, will land in Savannah, because he’s not going to displace Ceciliani in Brooklyn, unless of course, the Mets promote Ceciliani.

Marcos Camarena
, in his second straight start, held the Nats to one run on four hits in six innings with four strikeouts against one walk.  The 19-year old was a DSL All-Star last year.  I’m honestly not sure what kind of arm he is, but he’s already a pretty good size at 6’3″, 200 lbs.

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  1. real horrorshow

    hey toby –

    have you ever kept track of players you’ve seen over the years who you think would “make it” and then fulfilled your prediction? for instance if you remembering seeing Wright in A ball and thinking he would become an everyday star.

  2. MarcMangot

    I finally got out to see a Cyclones game yesterday (in Staten Island) and my impressions were:

    Cuan was effective but doesn’t have the stuff to make it very far. His fastball was popping the catcher’s mitt at 84 by the sixth inning. The curve was keeping the SI Yanks off-balance. It helped that the SI Yanks are awful. Not many good hitters in that lot…and their fielding reminded me of a bad Little League game (must have been the 4 errors they committed in the top of the 7th – one error was very generously called a hit).

    Ceciliani and Vaughn both looked good. Both of them were tagging the ball when they made contact. Vaughn showed off a tremendous arm on a throw from RF to 3rd base. Almost nailed the runner that tagged up. Really excited to see how far those kids make it.

    Sandoval may have decent stats but his range as shortstop had me thinking “postage stamp”. He alligator armed a 2-hopper 10 feet to his left.

    For all those calling for Backman to manage the Mets…they’ll be cursing him in no time if it were to happen. With Sandoval on first and no one out, with a 2 run lead, he had Ceciliani sacrifice bunting. The kid is hitting .390 and was asked to sacrifice. Awful. I hope that it was Backman trying to reinforce fundamentals in the kids.

  3. Toby Hyde

    @ Real: I never saw Wright in a minor league game. I was living and working in California when he was a minor leaguer. I’ve never kept track of guys I’ve seen in a systematic way, but off the top of my head, here goes:

    – I remember well a series of conversations in 2004 with a minor league manager in the California League. I thought Ubaldo JImenez was the best pitcher we’d seen in the league that year and he preferred King Felix. I don’t think there’s a loser in that conversation. In retrospect, that was a great year for CAL pitching: I loved John Danks, Edison Volquez and Matt Cain too.

    -05: I worked for the A’s affiliate in Stockton, CA. We had Kurt Suzuki, Daric Barton and Jared Burton. Stephen Drew was in the league that year as were Danks and Volquez.

    06: Still in the CAL I worked for the TB affiliate and had Evan Longoria and Reid Brignac. I told my dad at the time that Longoria was easily the best player I’d seen in the league in those three years. I remember an absolutely dominant Tim Lincecum start when he was throwing 94-96 and just rolled.

    07: I was in the PCL in Iowa. Ryan Braun was the best hitter in the league in the first half. Gallardo was the best pitcher. Geovany Soto was a worthy MVP candidate. Angel Pagan hit .250/.310/.414 in 33 games for us in AAA that year. Ok, I cheated, and looked that up. Randy Wells has been a better big leaguer than his AAA performance that year suggested.
    I saw a Humber, Pelf, Jesus Feliciano and the rest of the Zephyrs that year.

    08: I was around the Cal League again and liked Daniel Nava, although he was old for the league. He’s exceeded what I could have hoped he’d become. That same summer, I saw Holt and Mejia throw gas and thought they both would become something.

  4. mark4212

    You mean a guy who has 3 years experience managing a minor league team affiliated with a Major League team and who was put in a short season team in the Mets organization shouldn’t be considered for an MLB Managers job after 50 games???

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