Sign of Spring: Reese Havens is Healthy

Havens B-Mets HeadIn the New York Post, Kevin Kernan catches up with Reese Havens, the oft-injured first-round pick from the 2008 draft who tells Kernan that after back injuries twisted his 2012 season, he’s better than ever:

“I did a lot of flexibility training,’’ Havens said. “I did Pilates. I did functional baseball movements, I did speed work and I did a lot of core stuff. It was by far my best offseason of working out yet. I feel confident coming in.

As fun as it is to write “Reese Havens is healthy, and it’s thanks to a new workout routine stories” lets look at this honestly for a moment. Havens turned 26 in October and has hit a combined .255/.357/.422 in 170 games in double-A the last two years. This is his peak. Right now. And while battling back and rib ailments the last two years, he has not conquered AA. He must do so before the Mets give him a shot at triple-A Las Vegas.

It would be a wonderful story if Havens can 1. finally stay healthy and 2. contribute to a big league team. I am skeptical on both counts.

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