So Ends the Fernando Martinez Era?

So apparently the Mets placed Fernando Martinez and Danny Herrera, on waivers Monday, or are planning to place the two on waivers.

It’s a pretty amazing fall from grace for Martinez, who was originally signed for $1.3 million out of the Dominican Republic in 2005 and was widely regarded as a Top 100 prospect overall, and eventually the Mets’ #1 prospect.

It seems a cruel twist, that as a friend pointed out to me, the Mets refused to trade Martinez for Johan Santana, but just a few years later, dropped him to add Ronny Cedeno.

It’s interesting that a 40-man roster that has space for Robert Carson, a left-hander with limited double-A success, doesn’t have room for Herrera, a left-hander who’s had some MLB success.  Of course, Carson can throw 95 mph on a good day.  Herrera can’t.  Ever.  This is a 40-man roster that still carries Armando Rodriguez, a right-handed who has never pitched above a-ball, and has average fastball velocity at best.  This is a roster that still carries Josh Stinson, who has an ERA almost six (5.92 at AAA) in 89.2 innings in the last two years.  And it doesn’t have Martinez.

And perhaps the Fernando Martinez era isn’t over.  After all, some team would have to claim him on waivers, and maybe no one will.  More Tuesday.

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