Some Extra Opinions on the Mets Rule Five Draft Work

Here are some comments from other prospect-experts from around the web.

On Brad Emaus
Sandy Alderson, as quoted by Adam Rubin at ESPNNY: We’re very high on his potential as an everyday player out of the Toronto organization. [Former Jays GM] J.P. [Ricciardi], [and new Mets scouts from Toronto] Roy Smith and Jim D’Aloia, Paul [DePodesta] know him pretty well and felt strongly about him. So we’re very pleased that he was there.

Baseball America staff report:

Offensive-minded utility type, chance to be a regular maybe, can’t play SS though.

Emaus on Emaus, as quoted by John Manuel:

“…right now I’m just very ecstatic, excited to be given another chance by
the Mets. … I’m just a blue-collar guy, a solid
guy who has to know the game, has to have some (baseball IQ) because I
don’t have great tools. I’m not flashy but I bring my best every day and
go out trying to find an edge.”

Kevin Goldstein at Prospectus:
“Ceiling only of nice bench player, but might be there now.”
Two seasons ago, in March of 2009, Goldstein ranked Emaus as the Blue Jays’ #7 prospect and wrote:

Perfect World Projection: A solid everyday second baseman.

Glass Half Empty:
A utility type who can play anywhere in the infield except shortstop.

Emaus did not make Goldstein’s Jays list in 2010.

Jason Grey of

When he’s on, he features a stroke that scouts call “short to and long
through.” In other words, a short path to the ball, and his bat stays in
the hitting zone a long time.

On Pedro Beato
Alderson: “A power arm, probably out of the bullpen, and somebody who can compete for an everyday job. So we’re happy with that.”

John Manuel at Baseball America: Beato’s fastball has average velocity and peaks at
93 mph with sink and tail, and he has a decent sinking changeup and
slurvy breaking ball. …. He profiles as a middle reliever.

Goldstein: “…stuff is still well below draft-level, but he found some consistency and success this year as a two-pitch reliever.

There’s a chance, probably a little better than even money, that neither Beato nor Emaus play significant roles for the 2011 Mets.  However, there’s a chance that Beato contributes as a middle reliever and Emaus plays his way into the second base job in spring training and holds then holds onto it.  There are certainly no sure things as baseball players, but both Beato and Emaus are potentially nice, cheap additions at thin areas for the Mets.

I’ve been asked to handicap the Mets spring training battle for second base between Emaus, Daniel Murphy, Justin Turner, Luis Castillo and Ruben Tejada.  Right now, I’d say it’ll be a battle with Tejada starting behind the other four thanks to his youth and punchless offensive game.  Turner brings the most defensive versatility of the rest, while Murphy brings the most pop in his bat. Emaus brings a tremendous plate eye. Castillo merely brings the final year of an ill-advised contract.

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  1. WC

    It’s really too early to think about, but imagining a hypothetical best case scenario in which the team deems Murphy competent enough to get a lot of reps at 2b, would they be able to have enough roster space for Emaus?

    If he were a backup/platoon 2b, they would still need to spend another roster spot on a guy who can back up SS, be it Turner, Tejada, or a Luis Hernandez style retread. There’s the backup catching spot (Paulino), and whatever glove-first guy they eventually find for a 5th OF spot.

    There’d be room on the bench for both Evans and Emaus, but they also may want a decent LHH somewhere.

    1. NateW

      Its really early, but I dont really see much changing outside of Castillo and Perez being given away for low minors non-prospects.

      It depends how many pitchers they can carry. Probably 12, but if they get rid of Perez and dont carry some kind of specialist tandem like Green/Feliciano then they could go with 11 using guys like Carrasco and Misch more.

      Paulino, Turner, Emaus, Evans and Pridie (if you require a glove first 5th OF)

      That would leave one spot for a LH bat on the bench, or a 12th pitcher.

      Other scenarios could be Emaus or Turner (or Castillo) winning the 2B job and Murphy being the LH bat… and of course there are the days Thole will not start, and he has been a solid PH guy so far.

  2. tug45

    I’d like to see an fair battle between Emaus, Turner and Murphy for the starting 2B job. Perhaps a platoon could come out of it, but not all that confident in Murph’s ability to handle the D adequately on a semi-regular basis. Unless all 3 are complete flops, I don’t want to see Castillo getting serious consideration.

    I think Tejada needs to be removed from the 2B discussion entirely. Besides needing more AAA time to work on his hitting, I want to see him teed up as a future MLB Shortstop. I think his value is maximized at that position, not at 2B. If he does well this year, maybe he becomes a decent trade chip, or (hate to say this) replaces Reyes if JR goes elsewhere in 2012. Sincerely hope the latter doesn’t happen.

    1. mark4212

      I don’t think Tejada will ever hit enough to be a starter.

      If he can handle SS on a defensive level for MLB tejada will have a long career.

      He won’t hit enough to be a starter anywhere though… That’s in my opinion.

      1. tug45

        I tend to agree about the hitting. Just looking to maximize his value (or perceived value) by keeping him at short.

        Nothing he can do defensively at 2B will ever by so outstanding that warrants playing him there….unless you’re the 2010 Mets and have no one else. : )

    1. stickguy

      got 1 year older? In when rating prospects, that is actually quite a big deal.

      or he might have stayed the same, and gotten passed by a lot of other guys.

      but other than his age, given how good of a year he had (at least with the bat), I don’t see anything that changed his ceiling from starter to bench. if anything, it shold have solidified it.

  3. ExileInLA

    Turner & Emaus are the same guy. Neither of them has a lot of experience anywhere but 2B. Having them + Evans + C/OF means no backup for Wright or Reyes.

    I’d like to see the Mets spend up to $1.5mm for Cesar Izturis. He can backup all (except 1B)infield positions, and fills the hole at SS if Reyes is injured (or, dare I say, traded).

    Then, the bench can be Pridie + a “bat” OF, Paulino, Izturis, and the loser of Emaus/Murphy at 2B.

    1. sylvan

      Emaus has played 128 games at 3B, including 76 this year. If he has the arm to play 3B and the middle-infield skills to play 2B, I don’t see why he couldn’t handle SS in an emergency.

      I don’t think there’s a great need to have a defense-first SS on the major league roster all year just for the handful of days off you expect to give Reyes. Having a guy who can hit helps you every day. They can always promote Tejada if Jose gets hurt.

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