I am announcing that I will no longer be a regular contributor to this blog because I will be working for two San Diego Padres area scouts (Lane Decker & Jeff Stewart), as an associate scout in 2012.  I am extremely thankful for this opportunity and will be extremely busy moving forward.

Thank you to all of you readers who have made these last 3 years covering the Mets minor league system a blast.  I have appreciated your comments, interactions, critiques, and mostly your readership.  Your readership has given me the drive to bring as much content and information as possible for the site.  Thank you all.

A special thanks goes out to none other than Mr. Toby Hyde, who in my opinion is the best writer around that covers the Mets minor league system.  Thank you Toby for allowing me to play a small role in the growth of this site.  Thanks for giving me a platform to express my opinions and observations.

Once again thank you all for everything.  I appreciate you all.




Mike Diaz

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