The Columbia Planning Study Comes Back… Positive

The City of Columbia SC City Council has received and now reviewed a planning study suggesting that building a new ballpark, with a construction budget of $41.8 million, would bring $400 million to the city over 30 years. This study, by Brailsford & Dunlavey, was commissioned in November.

Wednesday’s story in the the State, Columbia’s newspaper makes the Sand Gnats connection explicit, “Columbia officials are talking with Savannah Sand Gnats owner Jason Freier about potentially moving the Class A South Atlantic League team here if Freier can’t convince Savannah to build a new stadium to replace Grayson Stadium, built in 1926.”

The Sand Gnats’ lease with the City of Savannah and their player development contract withe the New York Mets both run through the 2014 season. I believe that it is still possible, if things move quickly enough in Columbia that the Gnats could move to Columbia (with the Mets renewing, or with a new MLB affiliation for the 2015 season).

The full report from B&D is here.

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