The Kid. RIP

Gary Carter passed away from cancer Wednesday.

You’re going to read a lot of words about him in the next few days, but I have little to add here. I am sad for his family, his Mets family and his baseball family, including all of his fans.

I confess that I was too young to appreciate Carter in his time.  He left the Mets when I was seven years old. I saw him play live only a handful of times. Todd Hundley was my guy growing up. Instead, Carter was almost a fictional character to me. He starred in the ‘1986 Mets championship video my friends and I wore out. Older brothers and sisters and parents of my friends loved him.

Tim Kurkjian had his obituary cued up and ready to go, so that’s the first one I read nice one. And now the obits are coming fast and furious. I’m going to talk the dog for a walk before I start to cry.

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