The Rule Five Draft. Lots of Attention. Little Action.

LobsteinThe Rule 5 just is not a very good avenue for adding Major League talent for teams.

The Mets added LHP Kyle Lobstein in the MLB phase from the Tampa Bay Rays.  Lobstein, a 23-year old, worked as a starter in the minors, reaching AA for the first time in 2011, and spending the entire year with the AA Montgomery Biscuits in 2012 putting up a 4.06 ERA in 144 innings with 129 strikeouts against 69 walks (20.7% strikeout rate/11.1% walk rate). Lobstein, the 47th overall pick in 2008, originally received a $1.5 million bonus from the Rays.

Jon Mayo of reported that the Mets made the pick for another team, and will trade Lobstein. Which is nice of Sandy Alderson and friends.

No Mets were taken in the MLB, AAA or AA phase. So, if you were stressing that the Mets would lose Aderlin Rodriguez to some other team, well, you should be able to sleep better at night. Unless of course you were the type to worry about that kind of thing, in which case you will find something else to worry about to keep you up at night.

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