Top 41: #11 – C Kevin Plawecki

I had Plawecki at #11 last year and he lands there again this year in a better system. This will be a revealing year for Plawecki as he will play against age-appropriate competition for the first time as a professional at age 23 in AA.


Plawecki Face Swing Follow Through#11 – C Kevin Plawecki 
Bats/Throws: Right/Right
Height/Weight: 6’2”, 215 lbs
Acquired:  1st rd supplemental 2012 (Purdue)
Born:  2/26/91 (Carmel, IN)
2013 Rank: #11Stats

Why Ranked Here: Plawecki, the Mets’ supplemental first round pick in 2012, earns the same rank as he did a year ago because he did exactly what he was supposed to do in 2013 without changing his overall projection much. He still has a chance to be a viable starting Major League catcher.

Catcher analysis has to start with whether a guy can play the position. Plawecki can. He’s a strong receiver who works well with his pitchers. He’s a below average runner, but his feet work fine behind the plate. His biggest weakness defensively, and in his whole game, is his arm. It’s average at best, and generally plays below average. He must have everything dialed in, from pitch, to catch, to his his footwork and transfer, through release to throw out opposing runners. Too many of his throws sailed high and wide to the first base side when his body got out front of his arm in 2013.

At the plate, Plawecki is an aggressive hitter who knows the strike zone. In a-ball he regularly attacked early count fastballs. “I hate to strike out,” he told MMiLB. This is true, between Savannah and St. Lucie, he fanned in just 10.2% of his plate appearances. He makes lots of solid barrel contact with a line drive stroke. He does not generate much loft instead he uses his thick, strong frame to drill line drives to the gaps.  His walk rate has slipped at every minor league stop from 9.9% in Brooklyn to 8.2% in Savannah to 7.9% in advanced-A. He supplements the walks in the Cesar Puello way: with hit by pitches. He was plunked 24 times in 2013.
2013: Plawecki hit his way out of Savannah in his age 22 season by bopping .314/.390/.494 in 65 games. Promoted to advanced-A, Plawecki again had batting average near .300 and an on-base percentage near .400 but the power disappeared. His extra-base hit rate fell from 11% in the SAL to 6.7% in the FSL. His homerun rate fell further on a percentage basis, from 2.1% to 0.8%. Was he fatigued in his first full season? Is he a sub-10 homerun guy per year at the upper levels?
Dr. Pangloss Says: His low strikeout rate, and enough walks and hit by pitches keep his on-base percentage high enough to make him a viable starting catcher.
Debbie Downer Says: Or his arm makes him a defensive liability and upper level pitchers who do not fear his power attack the strike zone against him and relegate him to backup or up AAAA status.
Projected 2014 Start: AA Binghamton.  
MLB Arrival: 2015


[sny-table rowheader=true columnheader=true]


2012 NYP;61;216;54;8;0;7;25;24;8;.250;.345;.384;

2013 SAL;65;245;77;24;1;6;23;32;10;.314;.390;.494;

2013 FSL;60;204;60;14;0;2;19;21;14;.294;.391;.392;

2013 Total;125;449;137;38;1;8;42;53;24;.305;.390;.448;




[sny-table rowheader=true columnheader=true]


2012 NYP;6.0;9.5;9.9;2.8;.250;.134;

2013 SAL;11.0;11.3;8.2;2.1;.336;.180;

2013 FSL;6.7;8.8;7.9;0.8;.319;.098;

2013 Total;9.0;10.2;8.1;1.5;.328;.143;


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