Top 41: #13 – RHP Gabriel Ynoa and #14 – RHP Michael Fulmer

These two right-handed starters each have mid-rotation potential and succeeded at A-ball in a season in which they were 20 years old on Opening Day.

Just to be clear, Fulmer’s best fastball and best slider are better than Ynoa’s. However, Ynoa slips in front of Fulmer because he locates much better. Add these two together – Fulmer’s fastball and slide and Ynoa’s control and feel for a changeup – and that’s a guy who would  be a top 5 prospect in the system.

#13 – RHP Gabriel Ynoa

gabriel-ynoa-240x135Bats/Throws:  Right/Right
Height/Weight:  6’2”/160 lbs
Acquired: NDFA
Born:  May 26, 1993 (La Vega, DR)
2013 Rank: #43 (2012: NR) | Stats

Why Ranked Here: Gabriel Ynoa showed three potentially average Major League pitches in dominating the South Atlantic League in his age 20 season. His strike-throwing ability alone should get him to the big leagues. He slings the ball out of a nice, repeatable windup with a low ¾ release.


He’s a three-pitch guy with fastball, slider and changeup. His fastball hangs around MLB average sitting going 91-95, sitting 92-93 on a good night and 91-93 later in outings. It ticked up in velocity from 2012 to 2013. Now the big challenge for him will be holding that velocity all the way through a start. Most importantly, he can work to both sides of the plate and keeps the ball down well. He has feel for the changeup. Gnats’ manager Luis Rojas thought that Ynoa’s slider made major strides in 2013. One scout who saw Ynoa in the second half told me he saw “three MLB pitches there.” I don’t think there’s anything really plus in his arsenal yet, although the change could get there, but his fastball command is above average.
2013:  Including the SAL playoffs, the 20-year-old finished with a 2.57 ERA in 150.34 innings over 24 starts with 115 strikeouts and 18 (!) walks. In rate terms that’s a 3% walk rate and a 19.3% strikeout percentage.

Ynoa is a smart pitcher. With solid outfield defense patrolling expansive Grayson Stadium behind him, he did well attacking hitters. His ERA at home (2.20) was nearly a full run lower than on the road (3.11). He showed the nascent ability to set up hitters and work them differently at-bat to at-bat.
Dr. Pangloss Says: I’ll see you and all of your strikes in my rotation.  
Debbie Downer Says: For a guy coming out of a-ball there’s relatively little risk here. Ynoa has more stuff that Colin McHugh who’s hanging around the big leagues, for example.  
Projected 2014 Start: Advance-A St. Lucie
MLB Arrival: 2016

[sny-table rowheader=true columnheader=true]


2012 NYP;2.23;13/13;76.67;61;25;19;1;10;64;3;4;

2013 SAL;2.72;22/22;135.67;123;45;41;9;16;106;1;2;

2013 SAL Playoffs;1.23;2/2;14.67;11;2;2;0;2;9;0;0;

2013 Total;2.57;24/24;150.34;134;47;43;9;18;115;1;2;




[sny-table rowheader=true columnheader=true]


2012 NYP;1.2;7.5;6.4;0.1;7.2;2.9;3.3;21.2;0.3;302;

2013 SAL;1.1;7.0;6.6;0.6;8.2;3.0;3.0;19.6;1.7;542;

2013 SAL Playoffs;1.2;5.5;4.5;0.0;6.7;1.2;3.6;16.4;0.0;55;

2013 Total;1.1;6.9;6.4;0.5;8.0;2.8;3.0;19.3;1.5;597;




#14 – RHP Michael Fulmer

Bats/Throws: Right/Right
Height/Weight: 6’3”, 200 lbs
Acquired:  1st rd supplemental (44thoverall) (Deer Creek HS)
Born: 3/15/93 (Oklahoma City, OK)
2013 Rank #6 (2012 11 ) | Stats

Why Ranked Here: The former supplemental first rounder is still a big guy, who throws hard who has a chance to become a mid-rotation starter if everything comes together. Despite missing most of the 2013 season, he will begin 2014 as a 21-year-old in advanced-A where he will be age appropriate for a good prospect. If he never refines his command or figures out a changeup, he could become a hard-throwing bullpen piece.

Fulmer used to be 92-95 with his fastball and up to 96 or 97 for a big moment. His low 80s slider improved to the point where it has plus potential. His changeup is still decidedly a third pitch and I never saw great feel for it in 2012, when it was very new.

There’s effort in Fulmer’s delivery and his command can be rough. He was able to throw his fastball through elevated mistakes in a-ball, but his rising walk rate in advanced-A was not a promising sign. He was more comfortable throwing his slider glove side and will need to improve his location on the pitch as well.
2013:  Fulmer had pretty close to a completely lost year in 2013. He had surgery on his meniscus in March. Despite throwing an inning in an Extended Spring Training game in April, he did not appear in a sanctioned game, a Gulf Coast League contest, until June 25th. After two starts with the GCL Mets, he moved to advanced-A St. Lucie were he made seven starts in July and August. He left his start on August 18th early, and was diagnosed with right biceps tendonitis.
Dr. Pangloss Says: #3 starter
Debbie Downer Says: Not enough good strikes. Not a big leaguer.
Projected 2014 Start: Advanced-A St. Lucie. With good first half, Fulmer could earn his way to Binghamton for the second half.
MLB Arrival: 2016

[sny-table rowheader=true columnheader=true]


2011 GCL;10.13;4/3;5.33;9;7;6;0;4;10;1;1;

2012 SAL;2.74;21/21;108.3;92;37;33;6;38;101;6;8;

2013 FSL;3.44;7/7;34;24;13;13;1;18;29;4;1;





[sny-table rowheader=true columnheader=true]


2011 GCL;6.8;16.9;2.5;0.0;15.2;11.8;12.9;32.3;31;

2012 SAL;3.2;8.4;2.7;0.5;7.6;3.1;8.4;22.2;454;

2013 FSL;4.8;7.7;1.6;0.3;6.4;3.4;12.3;19.9;146;


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