Top 41: #18 – RHP Jeff Walters and #19 – RHP Cory Mazzoni

We’re fully into the “middle relievers who could be up in 2014” section of this list. It’s not sexy, but these guys are potentially useful big league pitchers as soon as a few months from now. That proximity to providing big league value puts them ahead of higher upside players who might never see a day in the big leagues.

18 – RHP Jeff Walters

Bats/Throws:  Right/Right
Height/Weight:  6’3”/170Walters ST 2014
Acquired: 7th rd ’10 (Georgia)
Born: 11/6/87 (Orlando, FL)
2013 Rank: NR Stats
Why Ranked Here: Walters jumps from unranked to the top 20 by virtue of AA success, a tick up in velocity in the last few years, and big league hair. He’s a sinker, slider guy who throws 92-94 with his fastball and can touch 96 on a good day. He can lose the strike zone when he overthrows, but when he’s calm, and spotting in the zone, His slider is mid-80s (82-86) and has the potential to be a plus offering. Truth time, Walters’ long, flowing locks did not really help him with this ranking, but they sure didn’t hurt.

He chatted with the Mostly Mets Podcast here.
2013:  Hey, he set a Binghamton record with 38 saves and split the AA Sterling Award with Noah Syndergaard.
Dr. Pangloss Says: 8th inning guy
Debbie Downer Says: Not quite enough command to get big league hitters out regularly. Up and down guy.
Projected 2014 Start:  AAA Las Vegas
MLB Arrival: June/July 2014

Recent Stats

[sny-table rowheader=true columnheader=true]


2011 NYP;3.32;14/14;65;62;29;24;3;24;48;4;5;

2012 SAL;0.95;17/0;28.33;20;7;3;0;4;30;1;3;

2012 FSL;3.76;19/0;26.33;27;13;11;1;8;19;2;3;

2012 Total;2.31;36/0;54.66;47;20;14;1;12;49;3;6;

2013 EL;2.09;53/0;56;46;13;13;2;16;60;1;3;




[sny-table rowheader=true columnheader=true]


2011 NYP;3.3;6.6;2.0;0.4;8.6;4.0;8.7;17.3;1.1;277;

2012 SAL;1.3;9.5;7.5;0.0;6.4;2.2;3.6;27.0;0.0;111;

2012 FSL;2.7;6.5;2.4;0.3;9.2;4.4;7.0;16.5;0.9;115;

2012 Total;2.0;8.1;4.1;0.2;7.7;3.3;5.3;21.7;0.4;226;

2013 EL;2.6;9.6;3.8;0.3;7.4;2.1;7.1;26.7;0.9;225;



19 – RHP Cory Mazzoni

Bats/Throws: Right/Right
Height/Weight: 6’1”, 190lbs
Acquired: 2nd rd ’11 (NC State)
Born:  10/19/89 (Evans City, PA)
2013 Rank: 19 (2012: 10) Stats

Why Ranked Here: Mazzoni projects as a middle reliever, potentially as soon as some time in 2014. His size, stuff and the fact that he has broken down under a starter’s workload suggest that Mazzoni’s future is in the bullpen.

Mazzoni is a three-pitch guy: fastball, slider and changeup that he throws with a split-finger grip. As a starter, his fastball was mostly 91-93, but he threw harder early and has shown the ability in the last few years to reach back and touch 94, 95 or even 96 for a given at bat.
2013:  After two starts in April, Mazzoni had elbow neuritis that kept him out most of April. He made 11 more starts before he tore his meniscus in a July start and had season-ending arthroscopic surgery in August. When he was healthy, Mazzoni bumped his strikeout rate from 16% in AA in 2012 to 26% in 2013.
Dr. Pangloss Says: Backend starter, but more likely, a middle-reliever
Debbie Downer Says: Baseball nomad who splits the next six years between MLB and AAA for three or more franchises.
Projected 2014 Start: AAA Las Vegas 
MLB Arrival: 2014, if he’s healthy and there’s a need.


Recent Stats

[sny-table rowheader=true columnheader=true]


2012 FSL ;3.25;12/12;63.7;64;28;23;3;16;48;1;4;

2012 EL;4.46;14/14;80.7;90;45;40;9;20;56;2;4;

2013 EL;4.36;13/12;66.0;70;43;32;4;19;74;2;2;




[sny-table rowheader=true columnheader=true]


2012 FSL ;2.3;6.8;3.0;0.4;9.0;4.0;6.0;18.1;265;

2012 EL;2.2;6.2;2.8;1.0;10.0;5.0;5.8;16.1;347

2013 EL;2.6;10.1;3.9;0.5;9.5;5.9;6.7;26.2;282


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