Top 41: 39 – RHP Tyler Pill and 40- OF Cory Vaughn – Low Ceiling A-Ball Conquerors

Back the Top 41 …


39 – RHP Tyler Pill

Pill Gnats HeadBats/Throws:  Left/Right
Height/Weight:  6’1”/185 lbs
Acquired:  4th rd, 2011 (Cal State Fullerton)
Born:  May 29, 1990 (Covina, CA)
2012 Rank: NR | Stats
Why Ranked Here: Tyler Pill had a very nice 2012, dominating A-ball hitters by throwing lots and lots of strikes without a single plus or even average Major League pitch. His fastball lives 88-91. He commands a slider and some nights shows a curveball. His changeup can be a little firm, but he throws everything for strikes. If Pill makes the major leagues, he will do so at the back end of a big league staff, but his strike-throwing ability will always give him a chance.

A nice athlete, his brother plays in the big leagues too.
2012: Nine strong starts in the South Atlantic League earned Pill a quick trip to Advanced-A where he lowered his ERA a few ticks. He strikeout rate dipped to 21% in the Florida State League while his walk rate rose towards normal.

Dr. Pangloss Says: Jeremy Hefner
Debbie Downer Says: AAA Cannon Fodder
Projected 2013 Start: AA Binghamton
MLB Arrival: 2014


[sny-table rowheader=true columnheader=true]
2012 SAL;2.61;9/9;51.67;56;17;15;3;8;54;1;1;
2012 FSL;2.05;11/10;61.33;53;17;14;2;14;51;3;2;

[sny-table rowheader=true columnheader=true]
2012 SAL;1.4;9.4;6.8;0.5;9.8;3.0;3.7;25.0;1.4;216;
2012 FSL;2.1;7.5;3.6;0.3;7.8;2.5;5.8;21.2;0.8;241;



40 – OF Cory Vaughn

Bats/Throws: Right/Right
Height/Weight:  6’3”, 225 lbs
Acquired: 4th round 2010 (San Diego State)
Born:  5/1/89 (Carmichael, CA)
2012 Rank: 32 | Stats

Why Ranked Here: Vaughn is a frustrating player to rank. He posses valuable secondary offensive skills – power and patience – but I simply do not see enough hit tool to play everyday in the big leagues as a corner outfielder. He will be playing most of 2013 at age 24 in his first exposure to AA. It appeared early in spring training 2013 that he was working with a cleaner, simpler setup than he had in previous seasons. His complicated swing at the time meant he had trouble with good fastballs. He has average speed, but he can pick his spots and steal a base (he was 21 of 25 in 2012).

After playing him a little centerfield early in his minor league career, the Mets moved Vaughn to a corner in 2012.

One thing that keeps Vaughn near the bottom of the list is his extreme platoon split. In the last two years, he’s hit .291/.400/.525 in 310 PA versus lefties, but just .232/.340/.395 against righties. These are a-ball and advanced-A righthanders.

If I was being charitable, I could rank Vaughn anywhere from here up to about 23 in the system. That’s how fluid the back half of this Top 41 is.

2012: Vaughn finished second in the Florida State League in homeruns and fourth in walks. His extra-base, homerun and walk rates all improved in his second tour of duty in the FSL. At the same time, his strikeout rate was similar to the year before and his BABIP of .276 held down his batting average.

Dr. Pangloss Says: Vaughn’s power and ability to hit lefties plays off an MLB bench.
Debbie Downer Says: Vaughn’s low batting average and struggles against righties keep him from providing big league value.
Projected 2013 Start: AA Binghamton
MLB Arrival: 2014

[sny-table rowheader=true columnheader=true]
2010 SSA;72;264;81;14;5;14;34;63;.307;.396;.557;
2011 A;68;245;70;14;2;4;36;64;.286;.405;.408;
2011 A+;63;210;46;8;1;9;23;53;.219;.310;.395;
2011 Total;131;455;116;22;3;13;59;117;.255;.363;.402;
2012 FSL;126;456;111;25;3;23;65;114;.243;.353;.463;

[sny-table rowheader=true columnheader=true]
2010 SSA;10.5;20.1;10.9;4.5;.347;
2011 A;6.7;21.5;12.1;1.3;.371;.122;
2011 A+;7.5;22.1;9.6;3.8;.248;.176;
2011 Total;7.1;21.8;11.0;2.4;.315;.147;
2012 FSL;9.6;21.4;12.2;4.3;.276;.219;

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