Top 41: #9 – SS Amed Rosario

Rosario K-Mets HeadBats/Throws: Right/Right
Height/Weight: 6’2”, 170 lbs
Acquired:  NDFA 7/2/12
Born:  11/20/95 (Santo Domingo Centro, DR)

2013 Rank: 15 Stats
Why Ranked Here: Rosario is years — and many, many adjustments — away, but he showed off skills that give him a chance to be an impact player. The Mets challenged him with an assignment to the Appalachian League, as a 17-year-old, where he was the third-youngest player overall and second-youngest position player.

Before we proceed with Rosario, I want to add a caveat: I feel very comfortable evaluating 19-, 20- and 21-year-old baseball players because, having done it for years, I know what I’m looking at. Watching a 17-year-old, the age of a junior or senior in high school, years from physical maturity, was new for me.

First, physically, he’s wiry, but there’s muscle definition on his slight frame. Calling him just “skinny” would be unfair.

At the plate, Rosario’s best swing I saw, in a few games watching him, was a flyball out to right field off a full count offering. He drove an elevated fastball well the other way, and stayed on top of the ball. He has quick wrists and generates power thanks to good batspeed and the ability to barrel balls when he connects. He could grow into average power down the road. This power is very important to his overall future value. Even MLB average power from the shortstop position would make him a potential star.

Now the negative: This is not a professional swing. Rosario starts with his hands high and he initiates his swing with a leg kick. His next move is to drop his hands near his belt. He ends up under nearly everything aside from pitches right at the bottom of the zone. As his hands drop, his whole backside collapses. This is evident in every swing in the video below to varying degrees. While he was mostly working on hitting the ball the other way in 2013, he will need new swing mechanics to be a successful MLB hitter. He needs to learn to stay firm on his backside and dramatically clean up his hand path.

In terms of approach, he was baffled by breaking stuff, which is not terribly surprising. It came up in our brief chat, he’s never seen this kind of spin before. Fixing and repeating his swing will help him handle a wider variety of pitches.

Defensively, Rosario made all the plays in game action. He showed the hands for short in game action and in early work. He has plenty of arm for shortstop. His footwork is the area that looks least polished. At times he got out ahead of his feet thanks to slightly gawky movements. As he matures and grows into his body, he will need to keep working on his footwork and movements around the bag.

On a wet track in Kingsport, Rosario turned in average to a tick below running times to first. He seemed better under way. Still, speed is not a major part of his package now. If he really fills out as he ages, and loses range, it is possible that he will have to move off of shortstop. However, that is an issue for some years in the future.

2013: Hey, he made it through 58 games as a professional in his first full professional season. That’s pretty good. He drew walks in 4.9 percent of his plate appearances and fanned in 19 percent.
Dr. Pangloss Says: There’s some star potential in here if he rebuilds his swing, stays at shortstop, and the power comes.  
Debbie Downer Says: There’s also potential for a guy with a .650 OPS in advanced-A.  
Projected 2014 Start: Extended Spring Training and then Brooklyn 
MLB Arrival: 2018

2013 Stats

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2013 APP;58;212;51;8;4;3;11;43;.241;.279;.358;



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2013 APP;6.6;19.0;4.9;1.3;.286;


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