Top 41 Mailbag: Leathersich Splits

Reader TheBigStapler asked in response to yesterday’s Jack Leathersich writeup:

Has Leathersich demonstrated any dramatic split between left and right-handed opponents? A high K% against left-handers could have him shooting up to the majors.



Leathersich’s key splits from 2012 – walk rate, strikeout rate and line drive percentage as calculated by – are presented in the table below.

[sny-table rowheader=true columnheader=true]
Vs. LHH;102;22.8;29.4;9.8
Vs. RHH;204;6.4;40.7;10.8


Well, what do we have here? Leathersich was actually more effective against righties overall. Left-handed hitters produced a much higher line drive rate and many fewer strikeouts. Go figure.

Good question. This does not change my evaluation of Leathersich.



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