Waits on Familia

Jeurys Familia, who represented the Mets in Sunday’s All-Star Futures game has been disappointing this year.  Despite a fastball that was 96-98 mph on Sunday, Familia owns a 5.85 ERA in 64.2 innings with advanced-A St. Lucie and has allowed 51 runs, 42 earned.  Most damning are his control problems: 48 walks, and a team-leading 19 wild pitches.

Last week, Rick Waits, the New York Mets Pitching Coordinator, discussed his 20 year old righthander with Metsminorleagueblog.com, “He’s just trying too hard.  He’s sometimes over-aggressive,” Waits explained.   “He tries to make perfect pitches too often.  He’s actually very much improved.  His walks are spread out now.  I’m not concerned at all about Familia.  He didn’t really have a changeup last year. Now he’s got a good changeup and he’s using it and he likes it.  What comes first, confidence or success?  In his case, he’s confident, success will get him a little more confident.”

Can three doubles on national tv boost a young man’s confidence?  We’ll find out when he returns to the hill later this week for St. Lucie.

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  1. Bren

    Isn’t it just a bit of a coincidence that all of the Low-A guys from last year are struggling with command so mightily this year? Mike Newman praised Savannah Pitching coach Marc Valdes in his scouting reports on all of these guys last year, and he continues to get great results from fringe arms this year…

    Every pitching prospect in the organization is pretty much at St. Lucie, and Valdes has had success with just about all of them. How could it hurt (other than a few feelings) to reunite him with what basically is most of this clubs future, or lack thereof? I never thought I’d make a minor league pitching coach the fall guy, but this is ridiculous…

  2. Toby Hyde

    I think Marc does really good work with his pitchers, but I think you’re missing the point.
    -It’s on the pitchers and coaches to develop the skills and pitches that will allow them to survive and thrive at higher levels.
    -I think that the gap between A and Advanced-A is a little underrated.

    Don’t forget, the hitters are better in the FSL.

  3. Bren

    I understand there’s a gap and all, but going from 3.1 BB/9 to 6.7 is epic. Isn’t the jump from Rookie Ball to full season A ball quite large as well, if not larger? Familia handled it very well last year, and this promotion was actually the logical one…

    Maybe I am missing the point, but every one (except Carson of late) of what we all thought would be an exciting young bunch of pitching prospects has disappointed terribly. The status quo is not working, and I’m not sure why it’s taboo to make changes during the season with so much at stake…

    Sorry if I’m being overly negative, I’m usually pretty optimistic with prospects. I have real reservations about taking Harvey as well given how this year has played out. Should we be confident that these people can teach him to harness his stuff and develop the command he needs? One can only hope that his experience gives him a better chance than Familia, but boy do they have a lot of similarities…

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