What They’re Saying About Brandon Nimmo

What they’re saying about Brandon Nimmo.

Keith Law at ESPN.com in his most recent chat:

Liked the tools, was concerned about the knee, thought he was less advanced than this as a hitter. The walk rate and overall approach are incredibly positive signs.

Jason Parks at Baseball Prospectus:

Excellent physical profile; plus athlete; very strong top half; wide/angular shoulders; fluid movements/coordination;


at the plate, very high hands in setup (above shoulder blade); long journey to get into hitting position (has to drop down before going back); loses some bat control and swing efficiency; in FB counts, has a tendency to trigger early; off-speed exploitation as consequence; shows quality bat speed; can square velocity; shows ability to use all fields; good hip movements; good hands; easy pull-side power; swing has slightly elevated plane; 4 present/High-5 future power; not as sold on hit tool, which is present 3/future 5; good overall approach; seems to track pitches well;


uses plus speed well, but mistake-prone with routes and angles in center; more raw athlete than instinctual defensive player; arm is average; better defensive profile in a corner (probably LF); shows all five tools; potential for average hit, average power, plus run, average arm, and average glove; possible role 5 player in majors; really nice young player with upside, but not a first-division talent for me.


Keep in mind obviously, Parks has seen Nimmo in person repeatedly in the last few weeks, Law has not seen Nimmo since he was an amateur. Parks does a really good job capturing things Nimmo does well (run, good hands), and the possible things that will limit his eventual value (a move to leftfield, and not quite enough average). And you know, Nimmo’s 19.

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