Zack Wheeler Has “Mild” Shoulder Inflammation

Wheeler (Baron)Zack Wheeler complained of some soreness near his collarbone, and was diagnosed with a “mild inflammation of the AC joint in the shoulder.” The doctors gave him a cortisone shot, told him not to throw for 48 hours and sent him back to Las Vegas, where he will miss one start, but hopefully no more.

Post exam, Wheeler tweeted:

Assistant GM John Ricco on Wheeler and his potential MLB callup:

He’s progressing, and I think the results have shown that. I don’t think there’s any one magic thing we’re looking for. We talk on a start-by-start basis and we’ll make a decision based on when we think the time is right.

And on the trip to New York and the medical exam:

“We were somewhat conservative by having him checked out. But I still think it was the right decision.”

No argument here. Allowing Wheeler, or any other pitcher to pitch through shoulder discomfort is counterproductive.


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