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  1. almatano

    What is the status of Steven Matz? I know he missed 2010 with an injury. Is he on his way back?

    If he were to join Matt Harvey and Erik Goeddel on the fast track at the level of St. Lucie or thereabouts, that would be very exciting.

    1. ihob

      I highly doubt that is happening. I’d bet on a short season team next summer. I’d bank on GCL or Kingsport with the hope that he can progress. A great finish would be in Brooklyn. Then you have 2012 for full season at 21.

      1. Toby Hyde

        Matz had Tommy John surgery this spring. He’d be under a year out on MiLB opening day, so there’s almost no chance he breaks camp with a full-season team. Goeddel threw one pro inning in 2010, so St. Lucie would be aggressive with him, but not crazy.

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