Spring Training Report: RHP Ryan Fraser (VIDEO)

Ryan Fraser was drafted in the 16th round by the Mets in 2010.  The 6’3” Fraser served as Brooklyn’s closer, recording 12 saves for the Cyclones.  Fraser was dominant in 2010, including the playoffs he pitched 34 1/3 innings giving up 17 hits while walking 20 and striking out 44.  Fraser posted a regular season ERA of 1.44, but his FIP was 2.82 due to a low BABIP of .235. Fraser was dominant against righties holding them to a .108 average while lefties hit .213 against him.

I was interested in seeing Fraser throw in person, and here are some of my thoughts:

  • Good solid frame.  Tall, strong, with an athletic body
  • Created good downward plane with his fastball, getting good sinking action and some arm side run
  • Lacked command of the fastball
  • Not as much arm strength as I was anticipating, although it was early in spring training.
  • FB sat at 88-90, topping out at 91.
  • Slider was especially tough against right-handed hitters, as its more of a sweeping breaking ball
  • Competitive attitude on the mound and worked extremely quick


Fraser pitched four shutout innings in a spring training game yesterday, and that makes me wonder if his role for 2011 will be different than in 2010.  From what I saw from Fraser, he needs to add a 3rd pitch to his repertoire in order to be consistently successful against left-handed hitters.  Fraser needs to throw more strikes as well, as his 5.2 BB/9 from 2010 will not cut it.

It will be interesting to see what role Fraser has for 2011, as he is slated to be part of the Savannah pitching staff.  The combination of an average fastball and poor command has Fraser looking like nothing more than a ROOGY to me unless proven otherwise.

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