It’s Almost Zack Wheeler Time…

Wheeler (Baron)So, after a good start for Las Vegas Saturday, Sunday there were stories in nearly every major outlet that the Mets are close to calling up RHP Zack Wheeler to make his big league debut.

At Jon Heyman says that Wheeler might be up after one more start: “may in fact make only one more start for Triple-A Las Vegas before his promotion, according to people connected to the team…”

In the Daily News, Kristie Ackert has Mets’ Assistant GM John Ricco saying that Wheeler is “getting close.”  By the way, it’s nice of Ackert to cite her source rather than relying on Heyman’s mysterious “people.”

In the Post, Mike Puma thinks Wheeler “is expected to make his major league debut as soon as the Mets’ next homestand.”

At, Anthony DiComo reads the tea leaves, as suggesting, based on a talk with Terry Collins that “All signs continue to point to Wheeler making his debut in two weeks, when the Mets play five games in four days in Atlanta.”

Adam Rubin of ESPNNY is on the same next homestand train, tweeting “If you’re taking an educated guess, Cubs series June 14-16 at Citi Field does seem like most likely series for Zack Wheeler’s MLB debut.”

The Mets’ next homestand runs from June 7 through the 16 and features the Mets-killing Marlins, the Cardinals (June 11-13) and the Cubs (June 14-16). DiComo, who is the only one to suggest that the Mets will have Wheeler open in Atlanta, is targeting the Mets’ Braves series on June 17-20, with a doubleheader on June 18.

Michael Frias
Michael Frias

That's the one thing I love about this year's Nets team.  You never know who's gonna carry the team on any given night.  It might be D-Will, Johnson, Pierce.  Shoot, even Blatche and Livingston have been the stars of certain games.

It makes them must-watch TV every night, just to see who the major contributor of the night will be.

Jon Presser
Jon Presser moderator

@Michael Frias  No doubt. They've done such a nice job gelling as a team, and it's been great to see. They're unselfish team guys, 10, 11, 12, sometimes 13 guys deep any given night. You gotta love it.