Colt 1911 Holsters – All Things You Need to Know About 1911 Holster IWB

1911 Holster

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1911 Holster

Are you looking to buy a 1911 holster? Want to know what the best 1911 holster is? What are the things you need to consider when purchasing a 1911 holster? You’ve come to the right place for all your buying needs!

The Colt M1911

It has been a good few decades since this iconic sidearm was first introduced. The Colt M1911, in various iterations, has been used by officers and soldiers alike around the world. A lot of these holsters were made from leather, which held up well. However, technology and manufacturing methods have moved on since. Now, the 1911 holster is made with reinforced nylon and molded plastics. It’s also available in a wide range of colors!

Holster Price

One of the first things you need to look for when buying a 1911 holster is the price. Don’t get carried away and spend too much. Most holsters range from $30-$100. Manufacturers can charge high prices because this gun has such a loyal following. However, there are a couple of good brands out there to choose from.

But first, let’s check out few notable 1911 Holsters down below.

Few of Remarkable 1911 Holster

Raven Concealment Systems Concealment System

One of the best 1911 holsters is the Raven Concealment Systems Concealment System. This holster is handmade and looks great with a black finish. It also has a built-in combo lock that is incredibly secure. This makes it perfect for carrying in vehicles or places where security is important. You can see more about this product on Amazon here.

Back Country Holsters’ Hardwood Series IWB holster

Another great option is the Back Country Holsters’ Hardwood Series IWB holster. The leather is nice and the gun is held in place securely. It’s also available in more colors so it goes well with any of your pinks, greens or blues.

Double Eagle Concealment Systems 1911 holster

If you want something that looks like leather but is actually plastic, then check out the Double Eagle Concealment Systems 1911 holster. This will fit most standard sized 1911 pistols and holds them very securely. Also, it looks rugged and fits perfectly with the woodsman look popular today for males of all ages. You can buy this one on Amazon here.

Since 1911 pistols are meant to be carried in a concealed position, you need to find a holster that conceals the gun as well as protects it from the elements. This is another great option to check out.

Galco KingTuk IWB full-size 1911 holster

The Galco KingTuk IWB full-size 1911 holster is made of leather and looks good too. It has an open top for quick drawing and belt loops that fit 1 3/4 inch belts. It’s available in black or tan and is a snap to clean up after use.

The IWB MiniTuk

There are also a variety of 1911 holsters that fit the popular single-stack models. These will be narrower and thinner than the officers’s model. However, they are still perfectly useable in a concealed carry situation. The IWB MiniTuk is a great choice for any of these types.

This holster is durable and dependable, plus it’s easy to attach to your belt or waistband. It is adjustable for cant and ride height. There’s also a built-in mag holder at the bottom of the holster, which holds both your magazines and extra ammo.

Concealment Factory II

The Concealment Factory II is another IWB concealment holster that’s easy to use and can be worn inside or outside pants. There are loops on both sides of the holster so that it’s easy to get on and off the belt quickly. This particular holster is double stitched and handcrafted in the USA.

This holster is made of leather and only works for right-handed shooters. It’s available in tan or natural brown for $60. You can check it out on Amazon here.

Galco Tuk2

The Tuk2 is another IWB concealed holster that’s made by Galco and fits single stack .45 1911 models comfortably. This holster is made of leather and features a reinforced tunnel and belt loops.

This holster is quite popular with many gun owners, thanks to its affordable cost (under $50) and solid manufacturing quality. Some reviewers claim the retention level with this product isn’t very good when it’s new, so if you get one of these for your 1911, you might want to wait awhile before using it.

The Tuk2 is available in natural tan or black and it’s made of cowhide. You can grab one for $50 on Amazon. For a more thorough review, check out this article from Ammoland, which discusses several features of this holster.


What is the best material for a holster?

Leather, in my opinion, is the best material for a holster. It is durable and can be formed to fit most any shape. The thick leather provides some resistance to the draw which can be good.

Are leather gun holsters safe?

Yes, as long as you purchase a quality piece of leather. You’ll want to make sure the stitching is secure and the edges are finished well.

How do you clean a leather gun holster?

You can simply wipe down leather with a dry cloth to get it clean. However, if it’s really dirty, then use saddle soap on it to get the dirt off. Make sure not to use too much or it will take some of the color out of your holster.

How long will a leather holster last?

Leather will last a long time. If it’s treated right (purchased from a reputable company) and kept clean, it should last for quite some time.

Is leather uncomfortable to wear?

As long as you purchase quality leather, then the answer is no. There are other materials out there that are comfortable to wear.

Find the Right Holster for Your 1911 Pistol Today

If you have a 1911 and aren’t happy with your holster, you owe it to yourself to look at some of these options. A quality holster can make all the difference in a self defense situation.

We’re confident you’ll find a holster that works best for your needs and wants. Happy Holstering and thank you for stopping by.

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Colt 1911 Holsters – All Things You Need to Know About 1911 Holster IWB
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