What punches are illegal in boxing?

Introduction Boxing, the noble art of pugilism, is a sport that captivates millions around the world with its display of skill, strategy, and sheer courage. Yet, within the confines of the boxing ring, there are rules and regulations designed to ensure the safety and fair play of the fighters. Among these rules are strict guidelines […]

Is 6 Feet And Foot The Same?

Introduction: In our everyday lives, we often encounter terms and concepts that may seem similar, yet possess subtle differences. One such instance exists within the realm of measurements, where we find ourselves questioning the distinction between “6 feet” and “foot.” While these terms are undeniably interconnected, they harbor distinct connotations and implications. In this blog […]

What is Boxers knuckle?

Boxer’s knuckle is a common injury among boxers, martial artists, and individuals who participate in combat sports. It occurs when the knuckles are repeatedly struck against a hard surface, causing the bones and surrounding tissues to become damaged. In this article, we will explore what boxer’s knuckle is, its causes, symptoms, and treatments, as well […]

Top 9 Best Leather Boxing Gloves For Beginners & Professionals (2021 Reviews)

Besides a mouth guard, gloves are the second most important item for boxers. Not only for protection, but boxing gloves also magnify the power of each punch and therefore deliver bigger damage to opponents. Among many materials, leather is the most favorite thanks to durability. Boxing: training, skills and techniques! However, as a deciding item […]

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