Top 5 Best Books On Boxing Technique For Beginners (2021 Reviews)

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Best Books On Boxing Technique

When it comes to boxing, several factors contribute to one’s success including hours and hours of training and of learning new techniques. Boxing is a constantly changing game and each day, new things emerge that need to be learned whether during training or the actual boxing. 

Several writers have tried to explain this concept of the newly emerging techniques in boxing each of them has his or her unique way of explaining things. However, like the techniques, there are also several hundred books on this topic and finding the right one for you may turn out to be just another tiresome game you did not want. 

Here we have tried our very best to ensure that you have a look at what we consider the best books on boxing technique that you may find at Amazon. We also give you a guide on how you can efficiently purchase such books.

Boxing: Training, Skills and...
Boxing Mastery: Advanced...
Boxing: Training, Skills and...
Boxing Mastery: Advanced...
Boxing: Training, Skills and...
Boxing: Training, Skills and...
Boxing Mastery: Advanced...
Boxing Mastery: Advanced...

Top 5 Best Books About Boxing Techniques 2021

#1 Boxing: Training, Skills, and Techniques

Written by a renowned trainer and a once very competitive amateur boxer known as Gary Blower, this book explores everything you need to know and master so that you are a very competitive boxer in the ring. Here is what you need to know about this book:

  • Published by Crowood Press on 1 November 2006
  • It is written in English
  • It is about 7.5 by 0.3 by 9.5 inches 
Boxing: Training, Skills and...
  • Used Book in Good Condition
  • Blower, Gary (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)


This book by Gary Blower has several pros that make it stand out.

  • It gives a good overview of boxing mainly focusing on amateur boxing moves
  • Has a wide range of techniques that one can easily learn
  • It has a good visual presentation in pictures as well as in words for easiness of following
  • The book is useful for both recreational boxing as well as competitive boxing.


  1. The books seem to be focused more on amateur moves and beginners hence it does not incorporate all boxers.
  2. The publication date is also a bit older and therefore newer techniques may have been left out.

Reason To Buy This Book by Gary Blower

Gary Blower has been a competitive amateur boxer and is currently a trainer. He, therefore, knows exactly what boxers need to master and have in their fingertips as they ascend the ladder from being beginners to being seasoned boxers. Buying this book which we consider among the best books on training techniques is a very great step towards you ascending this ladder without much difficulty as long as you are a diligent trainer. 


  • ISBN-10: 1861269021
  • ISBN-13: 978-1861269027


Written by Michael Wenz, this very short book highlights almost everything you need to know in boxing, the rules, techniques, positions and so many other things in this sport. The book is essential for anyone who has a role in the boxing world whether it is a trainer, boxer and even referees. Michael Wenz has written a lot of works on many subjects that comprise training. He, therefore, knows what someone should get out of a training session especially when it comes to techniques. He has a special understanding of boxing that makes his ideas in this book valid making it among the best books on boxing techniques that are available for you.

Wenz, born in western Poland presents an easy to understand and master book with the following features:

  • The eBook is written in English
  • Published first in February 2020
  • Only 61 pages in length
  • The eBook is word wise enabled 
  • It can be read by many popular screen readers
  • It can be changed to speech
  • Amazon Kindle Edition
  • Wenz, Michael (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)


If there is a book you need to get as early as now, then you should buy this book. Here is why:

  • The book is fairly short about 60 pages
  • The book has been published just this year hence it has the newer techniques
  • It has quite some practical knowledge that can easily be assimilated and used
  • The eBook has enhanced typesetting hence enhancing faster reading


  • The book is only found in eBook form and one may lack the screen readers
  • It may also not be convenient to use during training 

Reason To Buy This eBook

This eBook by Michael Wenz should be the best book on boxing technique if you want to be an all-round boxer who is well disciplined and understands what is required. The book is very much affordable and short to read. It even has a text to speech output that enhances your understanding of the concepts. Many other features already discussed make this among the best books on boxing technique that you should not hesitate to get.


  • ASIN: B08852N4H28

#3 Boxing Mastery: Advanced Technique, Tactics, and Strategies from Sweet Science

Written by Mark Hatmaker and Doung Werner, this book gives a detailed view of the techniques you need to have in boxing.

  • The book was published by Tracks Publishing on October 1, 2004
  • It is written in English
  • Measures about 5.5 by 0.5 by 8.5 with a length of 224
  • Clear views on several aspects such as clinching techniques, headhunting and many others
Boxing Mastery: Advanced...
  • Tracks Publishing
  • Hatmaker, Mark (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)


  • The book has a clear focus on the finer details in boxing techniques
  • It is a good guide to correct position and function of the feet and hands during boxing
  • Clear pictures and explanation for your understanding
  • Caters for both beginners and advanced boxers as well


  • The book seems to favor mostly the advanced boxers since it focuses on refining
  • The pictures sometimes may fade compromising their quality

Reason To Buy Yourself a Copy

If you want to refine your techniques in boxing as well as learn others that you have not encountered so far, then you are probably late on getting yourself a copy of this book. The book presents a clear view of the techniques in pictures with clear texts to keep you focused so that everything is clear from the word go. It is among the best books on the boxing technique you should not miss out if you want to move from just some enthusiastic beginner to an advanced boxer. 


  • ISBN-10: 1884654215
  • ISBN-13: 978-1884654213

#4 Boxing Like The Champs: Lessons From Boxing’s Greatest Fighters

This is another great work by Mark Hatmaker on boxing technique. The book takes a different approach unlike the other book already seen above in that the book takes a look at what techniques did the all-time champions like Jack Dempsey and Stanley Ketchel used to be successful in the boxing field. Mark Hatmaker is a prolific writer and has written so many other works in this area of boxing with his books being ranked among the best books on boxing techniques by his readers. 

  • The book is available both in print and eBook format
  • Published on August 1st, 2016 so is a newer edition
  • Written in English
  • It has a historical approach on best boxers in history and their techniques
  • About 153 pages with enhanced typesetting to enhance reading
  • Kindle edition has text to speech output
Boxing Like the Champs:...
  • Amazon Kindle Edition
  • Hatmaker, Mark (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)


  • The book is entertaining with a historical view of boxing
  • Filled with great boxing technique with specific examples from greatest fighters in history
  • Fine content supplemented with pictures
  • Focuses on doing it yourself 
  • Very effective for beginners


  • The quality of the pictures is very low and they are also very small

Reason You Should Buy This Book

With only 153 pages this book is written in an easy to understand manner with illustration for your understanding. The use of historical figures in the game as templates to help you master the techniques and thus follow their paths to become a great fighter makes this among the best books on boxing technique you should purpose on acquiring a copy for yourself. The book is also fairly cheap and therefore very affordable.

#5 The Art Of Boxing: A Self-instruction Book

This amazing book is written by Tom Lotta, a former army lightweight champion in 1944/1945. He was a professional fighter having fought more than forty times and only losing two times. The book has gained a lot of respect across the globe and is, in fact, the official instruction book for the Canadian Boxing Hall of Fame. It is counted among the best books on boxing techniques written by a former champion who understands what it means to have a clear understanding of these techniques when trying to be the best boxer.

  • Published by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform on August 23, 2012
  • Written in English
  • It is about 8.5 by 0.1 by 11 inches in dimensions with a length of about 28 inches
  • Based on a step by step instructions
The Art of Boxing: A...
  • Lotta, Tom (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 28 Pages - 08/23/2012 (Publication...


  • It has the most basic skills one could ever learn
  • Best for youngsters and beginners
  • Simple but with great applicable knowledge
  • Well organized in a stepwise manner
  • Does not waste a lot of time reading


  • The book has few pictures to clearly explain the techniques
  • The book is not well detailed

Reason You Should Get The Book

Tom Lotta presents a book that gives a step by step process of knowing the techniques. This will be a great book to have if you have an urge to learn by yourself and polish the techniques you require in boxing. The book is also easy to read and takes a few minutes or hours to go through. This is what makes it one of the best books on boxing technique to have at hand. 


  • ISBN-10: 1478360380
  • ISBN-13: 978-1478360384

Which Book Will Be The Best Book On Boxing Technique For You?

The books that have been listed here are the best books on boxing techniques that we believe you can get without the trouble of searching the whole of amazon for a suitable book for your training. The books can be found on the Amazon store and fairly cheap prices and you can order the copy you need. There are still other sites that you can get the copies from and purchase.

Boxing can be quite challenging to master but once you acquire any of this book, you can easily master the art of boxing in a few weeks. The books have been written by legends in the sport as well as by renowned coaches who have done research in the area and know exactly what they are writing about. The books are also fairly short making sure that following is easier and that it psyches you up to complete your training on the techniques.

Besides being short they are also interesting to read some of them like the one written by Mark Hatmaker presenting a history of boxing that takes the attention of boxers reading the book. They also have colorful pictures that make sure that the trainer is doing the right thing and following the laid down guidelines.


In conclusion, this article has suggested some of the best books on boxing techniques that we believe are the most important to you. These books written by the best of the best in the concerned field are meant to ensure that one moves from just being an admirer to becoming a real fighter with techniques that are up to time. The books selected here are among the best-reviewed books which means that the probability of you getting a low standard book is greatly reduced.

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