Founded in 2019 by Lilianna, we exist to help people to find their best sports gears and have more fun on the court, football field, boxing rings through trusted, in-depth instructional resources that are easy to digest.

We’re passionate about helping grow the sport and strive to support one player at a time as they learn, develop their skills, and enjoy the sport for life.

Our supportive online community provides well-researched sport gears reviews for all levels with a dedicated space to connect, share, and learn from each other.

From MMA, Tennis, Boxing to Baseball & Basketball, our blog provides gear reviews and many tips you can use in different sports sections; you will find them helpful. They will help you improve your performance and give you better options to protect yourself from injuries by using protective gears the right way and using the right movements when playing.

Our Vision & Mission

Metsminorleagueblog.com is meant to provide the reader with honest information and details so they can easily consider a wide variety of different product options and get the best one that suits them. Our hope is that this will be the final destination you need to visit for all of your needs regarding choosing sports gear products.

It is common for people to simply choose whichever product is recommended to them by their family, friends, and colleagues; however, this doesn’t always yield the best result in terms of customer satisfaction. It is for this reason that we put great effort into summarising the best of the best, so you know what to choose and what the different options are at each price point.

What We Have Achieved

Thanks to the dedicated readers of metsminorleagueblog, we have been able to reach over 2000 people every month and help them find success in each of their individual sporting fields. We are looking forward to continuing to receive more user feedback and comments to help improve the reader experience.

About the Founder

Hi, I’m Lilianna, the founder of metsminorleagueblog.com. Throughout my life, I have always enjoyed playing and watching a variety of different sports. Some of my favorite sports are basketball, tennis, and boxing. I participated in these sports at various levels through my time in high school and college.

I enjoyed playing sports so much that I started to conduct lots of research in these areas to try and find the best equipment to help me excel in my area. In doing this research I came to find out about the best basketballs, the best tennis racquets, and much more. At that point, I decided to use my knowledge to create this blog where I could share all of the information with people worldwide.

So there you have it, that’s how Mets Minor League Blog came to be. Nowadays it is a hub for all things that I love about sports and even some other sports that aren’t my cup of tea. The idea is to create one website where you can go for all of your needs around finding the best gear whatever sport it is that you participate in.

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