Baseball Batting Tips To Hit Like The Pros

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Improving the average is the dream of every baseball hitter. But it is not so easy to achieve this goal. Hitting a baseball is a difficult thing to do in a baseball game. But, there are some tips, if followed,  can have great results. With some skills, a positive mindset, and good practice, you are likely to pass the amateur hitting stage and achieve professional-level hitting abilities. Players who enter professional baseball matches incorporate various kinds of drills to increase their bat speed and their swinging velocity. In this article, we will discuss some tips for hitting professional players that will bring up the perfect batting stance. Let us  know about “Baseball Batting Tips To Hit Like The Pros”

Baseball Batting Tips To Hit Like The Pros

Baseball Batting Tips To Hit Like The Pros

The key things to Baseball Batting Tips To Hit Like The Pros Is To  focus on to deliver perfect hits like the pro players are the right choice of bats and batting gloves, incorporating good drills to strengthen the core, developing a positive mindset, improving pitch timing, observation of the ball, knowing the pitch well, having a consistent batting stance and of course practicing a lot whether you get time.

Proper Selection Of Batting gloves

Gloves are the first piece of gear that a hitter has to take care of. Not wearing proper batting gloves can highly affect your hitting ability. As a player, you will need to ensure the gloves that you have selected are comfortable to wear and fits perfectly in your hands -not too tight or too loose. It is recommended that your gloves need to be snug during batting. Try to avoid gloves that are wrinkled as they can cause blisters, and your grip will be highly affected. Better gloves will help you improve your swing speed.

Good choice Of Bat

A good player has to pay proper attention to the type of bat he is going to use in a game. It is best not to buy bats through recommendations from other players or friends. It should be through proper examination that you choose the bat. It should not be too heavy or too light. 

Try to hold the bat in your hand and feel the weight. Try swinging it left and right and guess whether it feels perfect for you or not. Sometimes the biggest bats can have better swings, so do not hesitate to try heavier bats. The advantage big bats provide is they offer big barrels and also big sweet spots.

Having Confidence At The Plate

A perfect pair of gloves and the best bat will not do everything for you unless you have a good mindset. You can increase your confidence by following these tips: 

Before hitting the batter should take 5-6 deep breaths

Try to analyze the game as well as the pitcher while on the deck

Have a good strategy before hitting the box

Perform confidential swings and make aggressive attacks on the pitch

Try not to overthink and relax

Improve Your Pitch Timing

The best way to maintain good contact with the baseball is by improving the pitch timing. Before you make a swing you need to concentrate on when the pitcher will deliver the pitch. What beginners or amateur baseball players do is stand and wait for the pitcher to throw the ball. 

The problem is that beginners tend to observe what kind of pitch is being thrown and then try to hit it. It is the area where you need to improve yourself. It is not a good idea to stand still and let the pitcher throw the ball. You need to gather the energy required for the swing beforehand only.

Keep Your Eyes On The Ball

As a pro player, you need to hit the ball with full power. For this, the most important thing to do is to keep a keen eye on the ball and not miss any activity of the pitcher. You should keep your front shoulders in for the perfect swing while maintaining your focus on the ball until you make a hit. Here, the most important part is hitting the ball with power.

Have A Consistent Batting Stance

After getting the batting,  you need to ensure that you maintain a proper batting stance. Choose a position that you feel comfortable and relaxed and always maintain the same position throughout the game. Try not to bring variations in this position else you will lose consistency. You have a lot of positions to choose from – standing in the center, standing in front of the box, etc. Hence select your stance wisely. Having consistency in your batting stance will help you make proper adjustments. 

Strengthen Your Core

This is the part of a drill that professionals incorporate into their daily life quite often, and that is strengthening the core. Here core refers to your abs, lower back, and your obliques. Your legs are supposed to help you to load your body upward and then gradually transfer this load into the ball. Your hips and your core are there to unload into the ball. In this process, the hands will merely follow the rotation of your core. 

So, your core is a vital part of your body that has an impact on your performance. A powerful core can help you make powerful swings with ease. Drills such as medicine balls, rotational exercises, and other various core movements workout can be incorporated into your daily routine to acquire a powerful core.

Get Some Life In Your Bat

A hitter’s bat is an imminent gear in a baseball game. But the bat must have a life in it. In other words, the bat should not look like a piece of wood or aluminum. Try to maintain a good grip on the bat and always keep your swings in the hitting zone short. Try not to swing down at the ball but swing into the zone. It is not a sign of a good player inconsistently hitting the ball. 

So, your bat has to be in a similar rhythm as your body has to so that the chances of making solid contact with the ball are maximized. The main point is that, don’t look like a statue holding your bat but try to look sporty and proactive.

Incorporating wooden Bat During Practice

Whenever you are practicing solo or in a group, make sure you bring along a bat that is made of wood and not metal. The problem with most beginners and amateur college baseball players is that they use metal bats during games. The secret of becoming a pro player lies in establishing a good connection with the sweet spot. Compared to metal bats, it is observed that bats made of wood have smaller sweet spots. 

As a result, it is rather difficult with wooden bats to connect to the sweet spot, and it increases your ability to improve the coordination of hands and eyes during a swing. So, during practice always use wooden bats, and when you get into the actual game only then get a metal bat. You will notice that you can make powerful swings and establish a better connection with the sweet spot than your teammates.

Keep On Practicing

Practice is the absolute key to success in any field. An athlete needs regular practice to develop the skills needed for a game. Not maintaining a good schedule of practicing can result in losing focus on the game and loss of many skills as well. If you want to stay sharp and confident you need good practice with proper gear. Usually, players practice with the team, but sometimes it is beneficial to practice separately. 

When you think you need extra reps you can always practice solo and give more time to yourself. You can also practice with a teammate if you want. Whenever you make a mistake in a game when you come home try to remember what was the fault and how it can be improved in the next game. Learn from your shortcomings and work on them. You are likely to achieve better results.


Now we have learnt “Baseball Batting Tips To Hit Like The Pros”, To be a good hitter, a lot of things have to be kept in mind by a player as we discussed above. You need to maintain a good core to develop your hitting mechanics. You need to plan a good routine that has all your training sessions listed. Good routines boost confidence in a player and also enhance muscle memory. Do not work on multiple skills at once but try to develop individual skills one by one. Whenever you are in the batting box, have a clear mind and a positive mindset. Try simplifying your swings for better corrections. Always give preferences to quality swings over quantity and be coachable. If you have a good routine, good practice, have a clear and positive mind, then no one can stop you from becoming a pro player.


Baseball Batting Tips To Hit Like The Pros
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