BBCor Vs Wood Bat

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BBCOR bats and wood bats are used in a baseball game and both these bats have different features which make them the best of their kind. BBCOR bats are a bit newer in the game as compared to wood bats, which have been used in baseball for a long time. Let us know “BBCor Vs Wood Bat”

BBCor vs Wood Bat

BBCor Vs Wood Bat

Both BBCOR and wood bats are best in their way, but this article compares both in terms of features and standards. BBCOR stands for Batted Ball Coefficient of Restitution and is certified because it tends to measure the bouncing-off speed of a ball after hitting the bat. Wood bats are simply made up of any kind of wood and contain five basic parts known as the grip, barrel, knob, end, and taper.

In this article, both types of bats are separately defined and discussed one by one to clarify them for customers or users of the bats.


Batted ball coefficient of restitution, or BBCOR, is a bat that is made up of metal alloys and is based on specific standards and is used to measure the speed of the ball that is hitting the bat. The bats can be considered certified BBCORs if they have a trampoline effect that is below 0.50. Before allowing any bats in the game, they are tested, and when an ordinary BBCOR bat was tested, it was found that these bats were having frequent hits, and baseball gets much more forceful through this. Due to this issue, many serious injuries were faced by the players. To avoid these issues, BBCOR bats with aluminum alloys were certified for player use.

Features Of BBCOR Bats:

Many features of BCOR bats make them the best. A few of these features are described below:

  • The trampoline effect is not excessive.
  • The diameter and length of these bats are pre-defined and must not deviate from those values. The diameter must be 2 5/8 inches and the length should be 36 inches maximum.
  • The weight of a BBCOR bat is 30 ounces.

Types Of BBCOR Bats:

The two basic types of BBCOR bats are given as follows:

  • End-loaded bats
  • Balanced bats

End-Loaded Bats:

These types of bats are heavier to carry and hold. When these bats are held near the ends, they can be very powerful.

Balanced Bats:

The balanced bats are light in weight, can easily distribute the weight, and are even. These bats help swing the baseballs at higher speeds. Most of the BBCOR bats that are used currently are aluminum BBCOR bats and are balanced bats.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of BBCOR Bats:



There are many advantages of BBCOR bats, a few of which are given as under:

  • These bats are very durable.
  • Lightweight.
  • High performance.
  • more efficient than others.


The disadvantages of BBCOR bats are given as follows:

  • These bats are not cost-effective.
  • Weather and environmental issues can badly affect these bats.

Wood Bats:

Wood bats are made up of different types of wood materials, including bamboo, maple, birch, etc., the most commonly used wood bats are made of birch because these woods are more reliable to use due to their stiffness and flexibility.

Features Of Wood Bats:

The features of wood bats depend on the parts of the bat, which are as under:

  • Knob
  • Grip
  • Barrel
  • Taper


Every wood bat contains a round knob, but the shape of the knob can be changed in bats, and the commonly found shapes for the knob of wood bats are cone, axe, and tapered.


The grip of a wooden bat is the part that is used to hold the bat. Every player has their preference for selecting the size of the grip. Some players prefer thinner grips, while others prefer thicker ones. Currently, the most commonly used grips are thinner.


A barrel is a part that is situated after the taper and has a point that is used to decrease the vibration produced due to contact and force between the baseball and bat. This part of a wood bat is thicker than any other part of the bat. Barrels provide a much faster throw.


A taper is a joint that connects the grip and barrel parts of the wood bat.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Wood Bats:


Many advantages of wood bats make their choice of player. A few of those advantages are given below:

  • makes a player independent in the game by not using technology.
  • These bats develop baseball skills and build strength and stamina in players.
  • more speed and swings.


Like every product, wood bats also have some disadvantages. A few of those disadvantages are stated under:

  • The chances of breaking bats are more than BBCOR bats.
  • Depending on the wood materials the weight of these bats can be higher as compared to others.

One-On-One Comparison Of BBCOR And Wood Bats:

The following parameters are used to make a one-to-one comparison of BBCOR and wood-based:

  •  Material.
  • Durability. 
  •  Weight.
  •  Price. 

Comparison Based On Material:

BBCOR bats are made of metallic alloys, which provide a technology-based batting experience.

Wood Bats: wood bats are made up of different kinds of wood and were originally designed without the use of any technology.

By comparing the materials of both bats, BBCOR stands out from wood bats due to the material and technology.

Comparison Based On Durability:

Durability is also dependent on material; if a metallic material is being used rather than wood, it is obvious that metal will be more durable. So in this feature again, BBCOR stands out.

Comparison Based On Weight:

The weight of BBCOR and wooden bats varies with different kinds of bats. Heavier wooden as well as BBCOR bats are necessary because they offer proper and powerful hits and swings.

The weights of both BBCOR and wooden bats have equal comparative differences.

Comparison Based On Price:

The price of BBCOR bats is higher than Wooden bats but depending on the technologies used they differ from each other. If a person wants bats at cheaper prices, he must go for wooden bats because they are reliable as well as cheap. Wooden bats are preferred in matches that are on larger scales whereas BBCOR bats are used in baseball matches at the college level.


Now we have learnt “BBCor vs Wood Bat”, BBCOR bats and wooden bats both have different features and advantages due to which they can be easily selected for the matches. Wooden bats are preferred more by players having an independence element and want to play in larger-scale matches. The feature list of these bats makes it easier for people to pick up the best for themselves.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Can we use BBCOR bats in World Cups?

BBCOR bats are not reliable for large-scale matches like world cups, but they can be used in college-level matches.

Why are wood bats more reliable?

Wood bats are more reliable because they allow players to perform on their own without the use of any technology.


BBCor Vs Wood Bat
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