Top 5 Best Soccer Balls For Training & Official Matches (2021 Reviews)

best soccer balls for training

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best soccer balls for training

What features should you look for when buying the best soccer balls? What is the best suitable for your game?Whether you just play in the park with friends or you are a professional player, purchasing the right ball can bring a huge difference to the game. 

The answers with detailed reviews of 5 best soccer balls are lying in the below section. Let’s get started now!

Millenti Knuckle-It Pro Match...
adidas Performance 2016 MLS...
Mikasa SX50 Indoor Soccer Ball...
Millenti Knuckle-It Pro Match...
adidas Performance 2016 MLS...
Mikasa SX50 Indoor Soccer Ball...
Millenti Knuckle-It Pro Match...
Millenti Knuckle-It Pro Match...
adidas Performance 2016 MLS...
adidas Performance 2016 MLS...
Mikasa SX50 Indoor Soccer Ball...
Mikasa SX50 Indoor Soccer Ball...

Top 5 Best Soccer Balls 2021 Reviews

#1 Best For Official Match: Millenti Knuckle-It Pro Soccer Balls

Millenti Knuckle-It Pro Match...

  • INNOVATION is what we bring to...


Knuckle-It Pro always ensures that they create soccer balls meeting the quality standards of many famous and popular leagues. Therefore, you absolutely can trust their products.

The most outstanding advantage of this ball is the intuitive color response technology (VRC). With this advanced technology, you can easily see the path of the ball, its shape when rotating and bending in the air. In a match, having a clear vision is necessary for you to show your full potential.

Another highly appreciated feature of Millenti Knuckle-It Pro Soccer Balls is the Valve Position Marker (VPM). Through this mechanism, you will see the sweet spot more clearly to align the foot position to the most appropriate. This will help you during a free kick or corner kick. 

Manufacturers use 100% PU cover to create this model. They want to create a genuine feeling like genuine leather and the most durable for players. Excellent waterproof latex material to control the ball when shooting and helps the goalkeeper to save the ball in front of the goal.


  • See true with Visual Response Color (VRC) technology
  • Valve Position Marker (VPM) supports the position of soccer
  • Durable PU material


  • Slightly heavy

It can be said that Millenti-Knuckle-It Pro Soccer Ball has become the first choice of many players because of its outstanding advantages. Enjoy every match with this ball today by adding it to the cart!

#2 Best for Training: Adidas MLS Soccer Ball

adidas Performance 2016 MLS...
  • A hard-wearing ball that keeps...
  • Rubber bladder for best air...
  • Machine-stitched for high...

Adidas is a brand specializing in the production of sporting goods, especially football. Products from this brand are always of prime quality and meet the needs of every customer. 

Adidas uses thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) as the outer casing. Thanks to the harmonious combination of machine stitching structure, nylon, and TPU carcass structure, this ball is durable, waterproof, and feels comfortable.

In addition, the butyl rubber bladder increases the ability to keep air inside. Adidas MLS Soccer Ball has 3 sizes available for you to choose: size 3, size 4, and size 5. This ensures that you can make a reasonable choice for yourself during the purchase process.


  • Sustainable with Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) cover.
  • Maintain long-lasting air with a butyl rubber bladder
  • Diverse sizes to choose from


  • Not suitable for playing on concrete roads or beaches

With amazing features, Adidas MLS Soccer Ball is increasingly popular in the market. For more details about this product, visit the link at its name.

#3 Best for Indoor: Mikasa SX50 Soccer Ball

Mikasa SX50 Indoor Soccer Ball...
  • Ball ships deflated. Inflation is...
  • Hand-stitched Soccer Ball
  • Felt cover Soccer Ball

Mikasa is one of the prominent brands specializing in the production of soccer equipment. If you are looking for a soccer ball for indoor play, then you should not ignore Mikasa SX50 Soccer Ball. 

Because Mikasa is a famous brand in the market, the quality of their products is reliable. If you use this ball properly, it can last for years. In addition, the manufacturer also offers a warranty within the first year of playing for customers.

Simple design with eye-catching fluorescent colors is very suitable for indoor games. Lightweight allows you to dribble easily and show all your flexibility. You can be assured of the durability of Mikasa SX50 Soccer Ball because it is made from a felt material and hand-sewn.


  • Budget-Friendly
  • Durable
  • Size suitable indoors


  • Not suitable for playing fustal on hard courts

With the above significant advantages, this will be an impressive gift for your children. Mikasa SX50 Soccer Ball is also suitable for those who want to practice their skills. Try it today and you will love it!

#4 Best for Beach: Select Soccer Ball

Select Beach Soccer Ball, Size...
  • Soft and waterproof soccer ball for...
  • Water-proof cover is made of a hard...
  • Ball ships deflated and has a 1...

Any beach ball has a top priority as the casing is made of soft material. Because this can comfort customers. Understanding this, Select always designs their balls with the best quality. The outside material is waterproof so you won’t have to worry about anything.

In addition, the robust design with bright colors easily attracts players. This is essential that a beach ball should be. There are 3 distinct light colors: green, blue, white for you to choose from. The colorful colors also help you have a better view when playing on the sand.

Moderate lightweight, perfect for beach matches to minimize the difficulty. The stitching carefully and skillfully creates the most natural feeling for you when playing soccer.


  • Suitable for playing on the beach
  • Perfect weight
  • Waterproof material


  • A little hard to inflate

If you are looking for a good ball for beach battles, then Select Soccer Ball is a reasonable choice. Visit the link in the product name and you will learn more information about this soccer ball.

#5 Best for Street: Senda Soccer Ball

Senda Street Freestyle, Trick,...
  • Outer cover made of a super-grippy...
  • Reduced bounce, in-between that of...
  • Designed for use in freestyle,...

Senda Soccer Ball is guaranteed to give you the most comfort on the street with a softcover. The external rubber material is like a super grip tire for enhanced durability and superior control. 

In particular, the powerful design with an eye-catching color scheme easily attracts any customer. There are 3 color schemes to choose from black-white, green-white, red-white. No matter what color scheme, this ball can completely stimulate your enthusiasm.

The manufacturer has reduced the bounce to a level between football and fustal balls, expanding the air with a reinforced bladder. This model is suitable for playing on rough terrain, asphalt, or street skills.


  • Eye-catching design
  • Suitable for playing on the street
  • Moderate bouncing


  • Sometimes the ball may be sticky

Overall, Senda Street Freestyle Soccer Ball is a ball that can please every player. Own it right before the sale ends!

Features To Look For In The Best Soccer Ball

1. Cover

The cover is the outer part of the ball. It is responsible for providing softness, feeling, usability, and durability. Besides, it brings to the beautiful appearance of the ball. And the variation of the cover will depend on materials. There are three main types of materials including in the following part.

1.1 Synthetic Leather

Synthetic leather is the material of the highest quality. This is also the most expensive material among the three types of cover. With the special feature, it ensures to give you great control, softness, and feel. However, the only drawback of synthetic leather is less water-resistant and less durable than PU or PVC.

1.2 Polyurethane (PU)

PU is between PVC and Synthetic leather in terms of quality. They are as durable as PVC and can give users a leather-like feeling. People often use a PU-made ball in competitive matches because of their preferred reliability and feel. 

However, PU has a downside which is balls made from this material may degenerate and scuff faster than the PVC-made.

1.3 PolyVinyl Carbonate (PVC)

PVC seems to be the most popular material and beneficial as well. It ensures durability and flexibility, leading to less control. A PVC-made ball is water-resistant and has additional protection. 

Besides, PVC may be the cheapest among three types. So, it is a perfect choice for training or practicing. 

2. Panels

Panels are the octagon quilt or the segments which are outside the ball. The FIFA official ball contains 32 panels. The number of panels determines the movement and control through the air. Fewer panels mean that the ball curve more and move faster due to the less stability. 

3. Bladder

The bladder is the inner part to contain air. It gives the ball movement and shape. There are two main types of bladders including butyl and latex. 

3.1 Butyl

Although butyl retains air for a longer time than latex, it is not as responsive as latex is. This is the reason why butyl bladder requires to refill air lesser, leading to easily maintaining. The manufacturer uses it to make mid-priced and cheaper balls. 

3.2 Latex

By contrast, the producer uses latex to make high-quality balls. They are softer and offer a better response. Besides, they bounce more than butyl and provide good feeling. However, they cannot hold the air for a long period. Accordingly, they need to refill more frequently. 

4. The Sizes of The Ball

Size 5 

Size 5 is suitable for players from 13 years old. Its weight is about 14-16 ounces and its circumference is approximately 27-28 inches. And it is often used in the league plays and the major tournaments. 

Size 4 

Size 4 is appropriate for children aged between 8 and 12 years old. It weighs nearly 12-13 ounces and has a circumference of 25 inches. 

Size 3 

Children whose age under 8 usually use size 3. Its weight varies from 11 to 12 ounces with the circumference of 23-24 inches. 

Size 2 

Size 2 is popular among children aging under 4 years old. The circumference of this size is from 20 to 22 inches. 

Size 1 

Size 1 ball also has another name that is mini or skill ball. The clubs often use this type to train players to develop their ball control and skills.

5. The Types of Balls

5.1 Official Match Soccer Balls

These balls can offer an excellent air retention level, water absorption, shape, and performance. And they are relatively durable. NCAA and NFHS approved to use these balls in college or high school soccer matches. 

5.2 Training/ Practice Soccer Balls

Balls for training or practicing are often highly tough and durable. Most manufacturers make covers of these balls from PVC and latex bladder, ensuring the playability and durability. And they are the least expensive balls in comparison with other types. 

5.3 Turf Soccer Balls

People use this form of a ball on some surfaces in which there is not any grass. This type is also tough and durable as it is mostly hand stitched. 

5.4 Indoor/ Futsal Soccer Balls

The indoor soccer ball has felt cover which is similar to that of a tennis ball. The objectives of these balls are to make sure the exact level of rebound and bounce. 

There are two small differences between the futsal ball and indoor ball. The bladder of the futsal soccer ball is filled with foam in place of air to maintain the low bounce. And futsal balls often have size 4 despite the same weight to other standard indoor balls. 

5.5 Beach Soccer Balls

As people play beach ball by kicking it barefooted, the beach soccer ball has to ensure the softness of the cover. It can provide the highest comfort level. However, this type of ball is not lightweight but water-resistant and brightly coloured. So, you can see it clearly when playing on the sandy beach. 

5.6 Street Soccer Balls

The street soccer balls are friendly tough and mainly rough. People use them frequently, so they are made to sustain for a long time on concrete.

Bonus: 15 Easy Freestyle Skills with Soccer Balls

Final Thoughts

After going through this article, you may have your decision. Through our reviews and buying guide, these are the best soccer balls for both the quality and the value. Hopefully, you enjoy this article and find it helpful. Have a lovely day!

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Top 5 Best Soccer Balls For Training & Official Matches (2021 Reviews)

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