Top 5 Best Soccer Socks For Youth & Professional Players (2021 Reviews)

Best Soccer Socks

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Best Soccer Socks

Wearing shoes cannot lack a pair of socks. Socks can absorb the sweat from our feet and prevent bacteria and fungi from our shoes. Especially, soccer socks with high quality can improve the performance of the player. 

However, there are numerous kinds of soccer socks. If you are an amateur trying to have a professional look, you should pick those making you be at your best. In other words, you should buy socks that are most comfortable and work effectively with your shoes.

This article gives you detailed information about some best soccer socks and a useful buying guide. In case you have not decided yet, you can pick from the list below. Let’s explore them now!

Top 5 Best Soccer Socks For Youth & Professional Players 2021 Reviews

#1 Best Overall: SB Sox Compression Soccer Socks

SB SOX Compression Socks...

A durable and comfortable football sock will be the first choice of many players. If you are looking for such a product, SB Sox Compress Soccer Soccer is a reasonable choice for you. With 20-30 mmHg compression, these soccer socks will not hinder your blood circulation and muscle function. This technology not only helps to reduce the accumulation of lactic acid but also helps to recover your ankles, feet, calves. Your feet will freely operate most comfortably. Is it amazing?

Also, manufacturers use breathable, moist fabric with 4 sizes and original colors so that buyers can choose more easily. The desiccant design prevents nasty bacteria from growing in socks. From there, it will help eliminate unpleasant foot odor and create a sense of ventilation throughout the day for you. No matter how strong you are, it will not cause an unpleasant odor.

Think about it. These soccer socks are both cool, smelly, and come in a variety of sizes and colors at affordable prices. It is impossible to refuse a pair of socks that are both excellent quality and reasonably priced.


  • Compression technology 20-30 mmHg
  • Various sizes and colors
  • Create a sense of ventilation


  • A little thick

SB Sox compression football socks have become the top choice of many players because of their significant advantages. Try it today and you will love it!

#2 Best Comfortable: VitalSox Italy Soccer Socks

Vitalsox Italy-Patented...

You may not know, Vitalsox is the leading company from Italy specializing in testing technology of graduated compression socks. Therefore, the products from this brand are very durable. VitalSox Italy Soccer Socks will definitely be the right choice for you.

The first advantage of these football socks is the material from the Silver Drystat fabric. This is a unique fabric with many expert uses. By using silver-impregnated polypropylene, Vitalsox designs proprietary engineering performance materials to combat the growth and spread of bacteria and fungi in socks. From there, the unpleasant odors will be repelled, creating a pleasant feeling for the feet. Also, the design with the support of the arch will give you the most comfort.

Because the foot is the farthest distance from the heart, when impact occurs, it will be the first to suffer tissue injury. The injury will get worse if your feet do not have proper circulation. These problems are minor for these compression socks. Manufacturers ensure that their products carry the most special designs with maximum circulation and comfort in mind.


  • Made from exclusive Silver Drystat fabric
  • Bring the perfect circulation feeling
  • Arch support


  • Maybe longer with some customers

Overall, VitalSox Italy Soccer Socks is one of the highest-rated football socks on the market today. Get it now or cry later because it is easy to run out of stock.

#3 Best for Quality Guarantee: Soxnet Acrylic Soccer Socks

Soxnet Acrylic Unisex Soccer...
  • Athletic Team Sports Socks. Unisex...
  • Socks made for all sorts of team...
  • A cushioned sole and arch support...

If you are looking for a pair of soccer socks that can be fixed to the rhythm of your feet, then you should not miss Soxnet Acrylic Soccer Socks. This is the perfect symbol of comfort and a fixed position on the player’s foot. Leg pain no longer exists with additional cushioning and arch support. Besides, with distinct colors and sizes, you will surely find a suitable pair of socks for yourself.

The first highlight of Soxnet Acrylic Soccer Socks is the lightweight stretch design. These socks can last long for maximum comfort. At the same time, your shin guards will not slip everywhere. With Soxnet Acrylic Soccer Socks, you just need to focus your best on the field without having to worry about anything influencing.

With the soft cushion attached, your feet and feet won’t feel sore after every game. Arch support allows your feet to move up and down flexibly.


  • Cushions included
  • Many sizes and colors to choose from
  • Permanent


  • A little tight for some customers

If you are looking for a pair of soccer socks that provide great support, then Soxnet Acrylic Soccer Socks is a perfect choice. Enjoy playing on the football field with these socks today!

#4 Best for Shin Guards: Addidas Metro IV Soccer Socks

adidas Unisex Metro IV OTC...
  • Lightweight yarns and durable...
  • Moisture-wicking yarn keeps your...
  • Targeted arch and ankle compression...

For every player, having leg pain after every game is a dreadful thing. With Addidas Metro IV Soccer Socks, you can easily solve this problem! Adidas designed their socks to bring the most comfortable and natural.

Manufacturers mainly use the nylon material to create these football socks. Famous for its ability to moisturize and dehumidify, you will not worry that your feet are sweaty after every game. Besides, nylon material can also stretch with superior comfort. The shape of the socks will remain the same even when you stretch it into many shapes.

In particular, the special compression mechanism in the arch and ankle provides support for your feet. For hours-long matches, you won’t feel any pain. Pain in the feet and ankles will not become a distraction.


  • Moisture absorbing nylon fabric
  • Good price
  • Support arches and ankles


  • The sole is quite slippery inside the shoe

Overall, the outstanding advantages of Addidas Metro IV Soccer Socks have helped them become the first choice of many players. For more information about this product, visit the link in its name.

#5 Best Durable: Nike Park IV Soccer Socks

One of the indispensable soccer socks in this review is Nike Park IV Soccer Socks. This pair of socks are guaranteed to comfort you. With material from special Dry-Fit nylon, Nike Park IV Soccer Socks can absorb moisture quickly, bringing dryness quickly. Your high concentration will focus on the game without worrying about sweaty feet.

Besides the attractive Dri-Fit technology, these soccer socks also have arch support to help you avoid unnecessary pain. The accompanying reinforced heel creates the softest cushioning and supports the most flexible movement.


  • Dri-Fit nylon
  • Reinforced high heels
  • Various colors and sizes


  • Size may be larger than expected

An impressive pair of soccer socks will give you the best experience in the match. Perform the flexibility.

Features To Look at for the Best Soccer Socks

1. Materials

The first factor you should think about is the materials. As socks protect your feet and keep you at your best, you should focus more on their materials. 

If you have a budget, you can try out various types of soccer socks to check their compatibility. Some issues may appear such as bad durability, allergies, or color fading. When you figure all these problems out, you can know which materials to avoid. 

Cotton is the most preferable as it is wisely comfortable. However, this material gets hot in the summer owing to lacking breathability. While synthetic materials including spandex, nylon, and polyester can give you a good fit and greater moisture management. 

Besides, some manufacturers can blend these materials. So, you keep in mind that socks giving your feet comfort despite the weather condition will be the best choice. 

2. Compression

The compression level plays an integral part in comfort. There is a variety of compression and each sock use different compression form. The level of compression varies from 10 to 30 mmHg. This is a basic measurement of the pressure amount in the sock. 

A lower number can bring about a lower pressure amount in compression and vice versa. Choosing the pressure amount relies on the things you feel comfortable with. 

Someone prefers a high compression as it can offer a higher rate of circulation. But other people find them painful and too tight. 

Therefore, the socks of lower compression are still preferable somehow. Besides, several manufacturers infuse socks with copper to add more circulation. 

If you spend a lot of time on your feet, good circulation will be an important element to consider. An appropriate circulation can help the oxygen-rich blood come to your feet. From that, it will circulate through legs, bring the feeling of comfortable and refreshed. 

This is the reason why you should choose the right compression level. 

3. Cushioned Footbed

For those who do not know what the footbed is, it can make a sock more comfortable. It helps shock absorb more easily and improves the performance of a player. Also, it enables the player to play for a long time. 

4. Breathability

Almost every player looks for this feature. With the breathable technology, it can keep your feet dry and comfortable as much as possible. Moreover, it keeps your shoes and feet from smelling bad. 

5. Right Length

5.1 Knee-High

The majority of professional players use this type across the board. Knee-high socks can provide comfort and excellent protection. That is why players use these socks to avoid scratching and scraping when they trip or slide in an intense game. 

5.2 Crew Cut

Crew cut socks can achieve the shin guard. If you aim to a pair of socks that can prevent scraping, crew cut socks may not be the most effective. However, some players still like them as they allow users to stand out and give them more freedom. 

5.3 Fast Drying

When playing any sports, your feet can be sweat quickly. Most soccer socks made from synthetic material are instant or fast drying. This feature makes the socks dry faster, which eliminates the odors. This means that you can wash and dry your socks more easily. 


1. How Can I Know What Size To Buy?

The size is not similar depending on each brand. When it comes to sizing, soccer socks are not created equally. So, it is vital to check the charts to choose the best fit for your feet. If you like a tighter fit, you can opt for a smaller size. Conversely, if you prefer a looser one, you may order the larger size.

2. How Can I Choose The Proper Compression Level?

The level of comfort can determine the compression level. As mentioned above, it is important to remember that a higher compression level can lead to the feeling of tighter socks. Someone likes the tightness but someone does not as they find it a little bit painful. 

So, if you have not used the compression socks yet, you should start with the lower compression level socks. 

3. Can I Wear Normal Socks To Play Football/Soccer?

It is surely fine. But normal socks cannot offer comfort, compression, and support as much as the soccer socks do. So, you should invest and stick with a good pair of socks specialized for soccer.

Final Words – Your Best Soccer Socks?

When playing soccer, your feet are very important and you should protect them. They help you to maintain stability and control. That is why having a perfect sock pair is essential. And you should be careful when buying socks in terms of materials, colors, features, and size. 

Hopefully, after reading this article, you could decide the best soccer sock for yourself. Make sure to pick socks that give you confidence without considering its price. 

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Top 5 Best Soccer Socks For Youth & Professional Players (2021 Reviews)

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