Can Throwing A Baseball Cause Chest Pain?

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Baseball is considered an intense sport between two competitive teams consisting of nine players. This sport works with a bat and a fist-sized leather ball. In this game, the pitcher usually throws a leather-covered ball at full speed toward the batter of the other team. Let  us know “Can Throwing A Baseball Cause Chest Pain?”

Can Throwing A Baseball Cause Chest Pain?

And yes, throwing a baseball can cause chest pain associated with muscular causes. As this sport needs full muscular strength to throw the ball, this may sometimes result in chest pain due to muscular overuse. This chest pain is associated with strained chest muscles that cause pain when you move, bend, or cough.

Muscular Chest Pain VS Heart Attack Pain:

Well initially, you need to increase your knowledge about different types of chest pain. Most people have this profound thinking that chest pain occurs only due to heart attack or cardiac reasons. This is not the right case. Chest pain can have multiple causes other than a heart attack. It can occur due to poor muscular strain, acidity, anxiety attacks, and inflammation of any region around the chest.

Scientific studies have attributed hard sports like throwing a baseball, lifting heavy weights, and high utilization of the upper body muscles to chest pain. Pitcher in baseball games can experience this chest pain while playing strenuously.

Baseball-Associated Chest Pain

Many pitchers in this sport complained about the chest pain that mostly happens when they are throwing the leather ball. This pain can occur in them due to various causes which may include increased use of muscles, a muscle or a ligament torn or failed flexibility of muscles. 

Some of the possible identified causes may include the following:

  • Sports injuries related to a muscle tear, fractures, and ACL
  • Overstretching the shoulder or chest muscles
  • Repetitively executing forceful motions or stretches
  • Team player contact injuries
  • Inappropriate warm-up before a match
  • Issues related to poor postures and bad sleeping postures
  • Overly twisting the torso or scapular muscles
  • Inadequate flexibility

Prevention Guides For Baseball Players:

Baseball injuries are quite common. They can occur in a strenuous baseball game due to increased muscular pressure and chest pain can occur due to a previous history of injuries or some other small muscle tears. Pulled muscles are immensely associated with chest pain as well.

Dr. Lin is a physiotherapist in the USA who used to actively play baseball in college sports. But his baseball career was cut short by a torn labrum, two ligaments torn in his throwing arm, and, two rotator cuff tears. These tears were also associated with his throwing arm.

He comes up with 3 basic reasons for his chest pain and shoulder injuries number of reasons can be 

  • Faulty throwing mechanics
  • Bad habits related to posture

Repetitive stress in muscles makes them weak and can result in chest pain.

Some Helpful Tips To Avoid Chest Pain:

Baseball as it has been described by many coaches that it is 90% preparation and 10% action. However, this sport is a game of repetition and requires precise execution. Shoulders are the biggest body part sport in the topic. If someone is experiencing intense chest pain in a match that is causing shortness of breath, and light-headedness then you need to consult a doctor immediately.

Below-mentioned tips can help you with the smaller pain levels:

  • Warm up appropriately before the start of the game.
  • Pain can be reduced by gentle stretching before and after the game.

How To Reduce Throwing Chest Pain In Baseball Instantly? 

Many professionals in baseball matches use the RICE strategy to instantly treat the Chest muscle strains that cause throbbing and intense pain.

  • RICE strategy that involves (Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation) can help in reducing chest pain.
  • In this strategy strenuous activity is halted which can be responsible for strain. An Ice pack is placed on the affected region for 15 to 20 minutes to heal the strain.


In a baseball match, the pitcher can experience chest pain due to muscular overuse. But this pain has a huge difference from heart attack pain.  A pitcher can use effective strategies by appropriately stretching and warming up before the match to reduce the strain.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Should I worry about my chest pain when I play baseball?

Baseball chest pain is linked with throwing. When a player throws the leather ball he may suffer from some pulled chest muscles or muscle strain which can result in chest pain. You need to consult a doctor when you have SOB, difficulty in moving, and some severe symptoms. 

  • Is Chest pain problematic for baseball players?

According to a cardiologist, athletes can have chest pain due to the greater utilization of muscles. It might be surprising that this is not a typical sign of heart problems in young sports players or baseball athletes. A careful medical evaluation can rule out the problem if you want to be on the safe side.

Can Throwing A Baseball Cause Chest Pain?
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