Can You Be A Mets And Yankees Fan?

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The Mets and Yankees are both baseball teams. They are a good team and popular. They are known as the rival team. The Yankees are an older team compared to the Mets. The New York Yankees started on January 9, 1903, and the New York Mets started in 1962. The Yankees and Mets’ first meeting was on June 16, 1997, in Yankee Stadium, and that game’s winner was the Mets. The Mets won by Mets 6, and the Yankees 0; but after that, the New York Yankees improved themselves and won more games. The Yankees won 82-61 on August 23, 2022. The Yankees won this match. If your team did not win the game, you can still cheer and encourage them as a fan. Keep yourself from becoming a toxic fan. You can read below whether you can fan the Mets and Yankees or not.

Can You Be A Mets And Yankees Fan?

Can you be a fan of the Mets and Yankees?

In simple words, there is no problem with being a fan of more than one team. You can be a fan of the Mets and Yankees at the same time. But sometimes it creates problems for you if you are a fan of two rival teams. For more details, you can read below.

A thorough examination of both teams and their supporters or fandom

You can read below about both teams’ compilations, their winnings, their fan caps, collars, their fan behavior, controversy, merits, and demerits of being both teams’ fans. Who has more fans? First, a short introduction of both teams; after that, you can read about their fandom. 

Information of both teams and their competitions

Both are baseball teams. They both play the Subway Series, national-level games, and other games. The Yankees are member clubs of the American League, and the Mets are club members of the National League. The most recent games were on August 23, and the Yankees won. The Yankees have a bigger stadium. The Yankees are valued at $6 billion, while the Mets are valued at $2.65 billion. Both the Mets and Yankees players earn a lot. The Yankees win more regular-season series than the Mets. The Yankees won 78-60. Well, both are good baseball teams, and you can be a fan of both.

Analysis about their fandom

You can read below who has more fans. Their collars, their involvement, their popularity in New York, and more.

            1. Who has more fan and their involvement?

The Mets and Yankees both have a solid fan base. The Yankees have more fans compared to the Mets, and also, Yankees fans are more involved in games compared to Mets fans.

           2. Popularity in New York

The Yankees and Mets are both popular in New York. Only 21% of New Yorkers like the Mets. The Mets are not the most winning team, but Yankees fans have this plus point. The Yankees’ fans cheer them on when they do not win the game.  

            3.Their hat, collars, and Jersey   

They have their hats and jerseys. Mets fans are mostly blue-collar, while Yankees fans are typically white-collar. It does not mean all fans follow this pattern.

             4.Merits and demerits of being a fan of both teams 

When you are a fan of more than one team, then you have to face some problems, but you can also enjoy their games.

             5. Merit of being a Mets and Yankees fan

 You will not worry about who will win the game.

Whatever your goal is, you will be content. Let’s talk about that fan who wears a Yankees hat and a Mets jersey. This guy is really popular. When you are a fan of both, you can encourage them.

              6. Demerits of being a Mets and Yankees fan at the same time

If you are a fan of both teams, you have to face some criticism. Some fans are toxic and aggressive, and you have to deal with them. Sometimes they force you to take a clear stand. They talk trash about teams.


The Yankees and Mets are both good baseball teams. Both have a solid fandom. There is no problem if you are a fan of both teams. When you watch a game and get deeply involved, it’s normal to forget about teams. There are some toxic fans and there is always some controversy between their fans. In one word, yes, you can be a fan of both teams at the same time.

Frequently asked questions
  1. Question- Can you wear a different hat and Jersey in the game?

Answer- Yes, you can wear it. You can wear a Yankees hat and Mets jersey, or you can also wear a different pair. 

  1. Question- Does a fan talk trash about their opposite team?

Answer- Well, yes this is true. Sometimes they talk. 




Can You Be A Mets And Yankees Fan?
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