Can you block someone on Messenger but stay friends?

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In today’s digital age, social media has become an integral part of our lives. With platforms like Facebook and Messenger, it has become easier than ever to stay connected with friends and loved ones, no matter where they are in the world. However, with the convenience of social media also comes the potential for misunderstandings, disagreements, and even conflicts. When things go sour between two people on Messenger, one common solution is to block the other person. But can you block someone on Messenger and still stay friends? In this post, we’ll explore this question in depth, covering the benefits and drawbacks of blocking someone on Messenger, as well as alternative approaches to resolving conflicts on the platform.

Can you block someone on Messenger but stay friends?

The Benefits of Blocking Someone on Messenger

Blocking someone on Messenger can be an effective way to create space between two people who are experiencing conflict or discomfort. When you block someone on Messenger, they will no longer be able to send you messages, call you, or see your activity on the platform. This can be a helpful way to establish boundaries and reduce the stress and anxiety that can come with seeing unwanted messages or notifications.

Blocking someone on Messenger can also give you time to reflect on the situation and consider your options. Sometimes, when we’re in the midst of a conflict, it can be difficult to think clearly and make rational decisions. By blocking the other person on Messenger, you can take a step back and assess the situation without the added pressure of constant communication.

The Drawbacks of Blocking Someone on Messenger

While blocking someone on Messenger can be a useful tool for managing conflicts, it’s not without its drawbacks. One major drawback is that blocking someone can damage the relationship between the two parties. Blocking someone sends a clear message that you don’t want to communicate with them, and it can be seen as a hostile or aggressive act.

Additionally, blocking someone on Messenger can make it difficult to resolve the conflict. If the other person is unaware that they have been blocked, they may continue to try to communicate with you, which can create even more tension and frustration. And if you do eventually want to reconnect with the other person, unblocking them can be a tricky process that requires a delicate touch.

Alternatives to Blocking Someone on Messenger

If you’re hesitant to block someone on Messenger but still want to manage conflicts and maintain your boundaries, there are several alternative approaches you can try. One option is to simply mute the other person’s notifications. This way, you won’t receive constant alerts from them, but they will still be able to message you if necessary. Muting someone can also give you some breathing room to consider your next steps without completely cutting off communication.

Another alternative to blocking someone on Messenger is to have an honest and open conversation with them about the situation. Sometimes, conflicts arise simply because of misunderstandings or miscommunications, and talking things out can help clear the air. If you’re not comfortable having a face-to-face conversation, you can try messaging the other person and expressing your feelings in a calm and respectful way.


In conclusion, the question of whether you can block someone on Messenger and still stay friends is a complex one. While blocking someone can be an effective way to manage conflicts and establish boundaries, it can also damage relationships and make it difficult to resolve conflicts in the future. If you’re considering blocking someone on Messenger, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons carefully and consider alternative approaches to managing the situation. By communicating honestly and openly with the other person and taking steps to maintain your boundaries, you can work towards a peaceful resolution and, potentially, maintain your friendship.

Can you block someone on Messenger but stay friends?
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