Can You Buy Mets Tickets At The Gate?

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The New York Mets! They are ranked, one of America’s greatest teams to ever play baseball. Loved by all, near and far, the Mets as they are popularly called have amassed a cult-like following. They are one of America’s top two major league players and have been in existence since 1962. With impressive records like nine times postseasons of qualifiers, six National League pennants and two world series, there is little wonder why this professional baseball team is ranked among fans’ favorites. Selling out stadiums and filling out playing fields, the team has always been impressive. But, if you’re a super fan like me, you’re probably wondering, “can I buy the Mets tickets at the gate?”. Let us know more detail about ‘Can You Buy Mets Tickets At The Gate?’.

Can You Buy Mets Tickets At The Gate?

Can You Buy Mets Tickets At The Gate?

Well, let’s find out.

Buying Mets Tickets at the Gate

This answer is hugely influenced by availability. Tickets can be bought at the stadium gates, but only if available on the day of the game. Usually, there’s an overhang located just outside the stadium, southside, towards the Jackie Robinson Rotunda. For easy access, it is advisable to look out for signs that say, “tickets.”

 Best Places to Buy Tickets for a Met Game?

The world has gone digital. While some people might fancy queuing to get tickets for their favorite teams, almost everyone else gets their tickets online. Most MLB teams have incorporated digital platforms into their websites, making it easy for fans to access these tickets from anywhere in the world or country and in record time too. Most apps used by these teams for payments are free and make access fast and easy.

Getting tickets online too helps simplify the process and removes roadblocks from issues like weather, crowd and time. Let’s take a look at some of the sites to buy these tickets online.

  1. The team’s app: Each team has its specific site and dedicated app for processing payments and other financials. This is usually the most recommended when it comes to buying tickets for your favorite team. They offer the most reliable options.
  2. Online Ticket Brokers: Despite each team having its dedicated payment platform, however, many other people prefer to use several other online brokers such as Vivid seats, StubHub, ScoreBig, Ticketmaster, SeatGeek and many others. A huge benefit of these options is that they include extra functionalities for buyers. An example is the Vivid seat platform. They offer a 100% buyer guarantee and even allow buyers to preview their seats and the view they will be getting before a purchase. This is a major reason they are loved among ticket buyers.

Most of these online ticket brokers also ensure that they include protection and privacy for buyers to prevent security damage with financial details. Ans also money-back guarantees in case of error with the payment process or ticket distribution.

  1. New York Mets Ticket Office: Located on the southside, usually with a large sign displaying “tickets,” the Mets ticket office is one popular option for purchasing stadium access tickets. The office is open weekdays and weekends from 9 am until the 7th inning. The Mets ticket office can also be reached via phone calls or emails and booked ahead of time. However, there’s usually the need to present a valid ID for pick up.

 Cons of buying New York Mets Tickets at the Stadium

With online purchases, people can be skeptical and fearful of encountering scams or hackers. There’s also the option of site downtime and other issues that could arise during purchase. However, when purchasing tickets at the stadium gates some issues can be encountered. Some of them are;  

  1. Mammoth Crowd: This has to top the list for obvious reasons. Standing in line is so much work. It can be both frustrating and a slow burn. During peak games, the tendency to encounter large crowds at the stadium gate is certain. And most times, they can be a drawback to buying tickets at the stadium
  2. Sellout: There’s also the possibility of waiting hours in a line and then discovering that the tickets were sold out. This is a likely encounter with buying tickets at the stadium gates.
  3. Options: Buying off the gate can leave you with horrible seat options. The availability of seats might not be the exact choice of what a fan might want. An advantage of getting tickets offline is that you can see the view from the seats you’re getting. Buying tickets at the stadium gate doesn’t give you this advantage.


Generally, what influences people’s choice of where to get their tickets is preference. A larger percentage of people are comfortable buying tickets from the internet and different brokers, enjoying the extra benefits that accompany this choice. Meanwhile, others prefer purchasing at the gates.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Is there a location for the New York Mets Ticket office?

 Answer: Yes, there is. The Mets tickets office is located at Citi Field, towards the southwest of the stadium.

  1. Asides from the popular Vivid seats, is there another location online, where fans can purchase their Mets Tickets?

 Answer: There are different online locations to buy tickets. Some of these sites are, StubHub, SeatGeek, Ticket masters, etc. They all offer different packages and each has its benefits over the other.

Can You Buy Mets Tickets At The Gate?
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