Can You Get a Refund on Mets Tickets?

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Mets travel plans sometimes change; you may want a refund for an airline ticket. Major League Baseball teams mostly stick to a simple customer decision as they implement ticket refund processes for games postponed due to the COVID-19 outbreak.  Here we will see Can You Get a Refund on Mets Tickets?

Can You Get a Refund on Mets Tickets?If you bought tickets to a Mets or Yankees game that never happened, you could get your money back. You will have to wait even longer if you have tickets to any other games that will not be played. Fans who bought Mets tickets may seek a refund using their My Mets Tickets account. According to the Yankees, fans who want their money refunded may contact their club ticket agent or check their Ticketmaster account.

Terms and Conditions for My Mets Tickets

StubHub will compensate the customer following the StubHub User Agreement when a game is canceled after a seller has already sold tickets.

If a game you have bought a ticket for is postponed after you make your purchase, your ticket will still be valid for the new date. The bearer of such a ticket agrees to abide by the same instructions as all other Mets ticketholders, as such rules may be modified from time to time by the Mets.

In the event of a postponement, you will not be eligible for a refund or interchange on your Ticket purchase. You should confirm any alterations to the information written on the ticket, with the new time and date of the game.

The Canceled Auction: The Mets maintain the right to cancel an auction anytime, without cost or penalty, until the auction is completed.

Unplayed Game Refund Policy

If the series for which this ticket is issued ends before the day on which the game was due to take place, a refund will be immediately made to the payment card used to purchase the ticket. No credits will be granted, and the ticket has no monetary value.

Game and Event Restarting and Rescheduling Policy

The regulation says that if the event is postponed or restarted, the Holder’s name will be included on the ticket for the new day or dates of the event.

No longer will the game be played on its planned day or

If a Game is postponed or 

If any other event is postponed or

Is not played or completed on the day it was originally intended.

It is based on a statement made by the Baseball Commissioner’s Office, which has the final say on all matters.

If Holder does not use this ticket for the delayed or rescheduled game date, Holder will not get a refund for the face value of the ticket or any part thereof.

Buying Protection

If the team is unable to give you the full number of games in your plan due to game cancellations, or if they are unable to give you access to your seat position or a roughly equivalent area because of the small capacity, they will provide you with the following options:

In 2021, you may use your account credit against another ticket purchase.

A credit redeemable for the 2022 season; or 

Undeliverable games will be refunded to your original buying method.

What Will Occurs if an MLB Game is Postponed, Rescheduled, or Canceled?

SeatGeek will give you a full refund or store credit to apply toward a future purchase if your game is canceled and not rescheduled. 

It is advised to sell the ticket if you are unable to attend the postponed game. You may resell it at the SeatGeek Marketplace to try to get back your cash.

A baseball game may be postponed or called off in the event of bad weather or schedule issues. Your tickets are usually good for the new date when they are postponed.


The Mets team can request a refund of their tickets. Whether the game is canceled or rescheduled, they can follow the refund policy to continue with the refund. 

You may communication with their customer service in case of any questions. Ticket holders are also invited to communicate directly with their account representative. Ticket policies are subject to change, and if conditions or rules change, the Mets will give further information.

  1. How much do Mets tickets cost?

Vivid Seats provides ticket prices for every budget. The cheapest 2022 season tickets for the Mets are available on Vivid Seats for $8, with the average price being $166. The competition will make the ticket value be higher. 

  1. What happens to postponed games?

The weather will almost certainly have a role in the scheduling of baseball games. It shows that baseball games are more likely to be rained out. The obstructed game might be postponed, delayed, or rescheduled incase there is a rainout. If bad weather forces the cancellation of an event, the game is often rescheduled until later in the day.

Can You Get a Refund on Mets Tickets?
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