Can You Wear Baseball Cleats To Play Football?

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For Americans, there is football, and there is soccer. In this article, the focus would be on American football. While there are special cleats designed for baseball, there are ones for football too. Nevertheless, the question on the minds of athletes involved in both sports will be can I use my baseball cleat for football? On another end, you probably must have purchased the wrong pair of cleats and only realized when your friends or football teammates pointed it out to you, and you are wondering if you could use it either way. If you fall into any of these categories of athletes wondering if they can wear a baseball cleat to play football, then you are on the right page. Let us know “Can You Wear Baseball Cleats To Play Football?”

Can You Wear Baseball Cleats To Play Football?

Can You Wear Baseball Cleats To Play Football?

You may be able to use a football cleat to play baseball, but it is not advisable to use a baseball cleat for football due to the peculiarity that exists in both sports. If you use a baseball cleat to play a football game, there is a high possibility that you will struggle while you play, and you would not want to let your team or fans down due to the wrong cleats. So it is always good to stick to football cleats for football.

Reasons Why You Cannot Wear Baseball Cleats To Play Football 

  1. Type of Cleat: Some football cleats are made out of plastic spikes, whereas, some baseball cleats are made out of metal. If you are using a baseball cleat made out of metal, it would not do you good to use it on the field of football. The midsole of a baseball cleat is also different from that of a football. Baseball cleats have midsoles with more materials and give more comfort because it has to give the foot support while playing in case of friction. This is due to the peculiarity of the sport. Let’s consider that next.
  2. The peculiarity of the Sport: While the game of football requires a certain form of flexibility in movement, baseball requires that you exert a grip on the field. Hence the way the cleats for both sports are made to aid the swift movement of football and the grip on the field of baseball. So if you use a baseball cleat for football, you will struggle with movement on the pitch cause rather than helping you with speed, slides or friction, you will be mostly held back. Moreso, there is much more contact in the game of football as opposed to baseball, wearing a baseball metal cleat for football would result in injuries to the people or persons you come in contact with while playing.
  3. Weight of the Cleat: Due to the peculiarity of both sports, some elements have been attached to football cleats which makes them heavier in weight than a baseball cleats. This is necessary to aid with movement on the pitch. So if you use a baseball cleat to play football, chances are you will find yourself being held back on the field, rather than having that push that helps you move around in all directions as required for the game of football.

How To Identify Baseball from Football Cleat?

Now that we have identified the reasons why you should not use your baseball cleat for football, we must consider the different types of baseball and football cleats that exist and how to identify them, so you can avoid a case of buying the wrong set of cleats. We will do this by considering the types of baseball cleats and also the types of football cleats. Let’s dive in!

Types Of Baseball Cleats

  1. Metal Cleats: This is the most commonly used cleat among Major League Baseball (MLB) players. The cleat itself is not made out of metal but the spikes in the cleat are. This gives players more stability on the field.
  2. Moulded Cleats: The spikes are made out of rubber. It is common among youth baseball. It gives protection when sliding and running. 
  3. Interchangeable Cleats: This gives you to either use a metal or moulded cleat. It is made in such a way that it could be changed. 
  4. Turf Cleats: These cleats are made out of plastic and do not have spikes underneath. It is mostly used for practice.

Types Of Football Cleats

  1. Moulded Cleats: This comes in two types, the rubber moulded and the hard moulded. For the rubber moulded, the spikes are made out of rubber and are mostly used by upcoming players. While hard moulded is made out of hard plastic, gives more balance and is mostly used by experts. 
  2. Detachable Cleats: Like its name, this cleat allows you to detach and replace the studs of your football cleats. Depending on the type of field or circumstances you will be playing in, detachable cleats help you change your studs to ones most suited for the circumstance. 


Cleats determine your performance on the pitch to a large extent, so having an idea of the different types of cleats that exist for both baseball and football would go a long way to helping you make the best decisions on the kind of cleats to use while playing a game and would help you avoid the mistake of buying a wrong pair. 

Can You Wear Baseball Cleats To Play Football?
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