Do NBA Players Get Paid Weekly?

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Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world, with millions of fans tuning in to watch NBA games every week. As the popularity of the sport has grown, so has the money involved in it. NBA players are some of the highest-paid athletes in the world, with many earning millions of dollars each year. In this article, we explore whether NBA players get paid weekly and provide some context to help you understand how NBA contracts work.

Do NBA Players Get Paid Weekly?

How Do NBA Contracts Work?

NBA contracts are complex agreements between players and teams that govern the terms of their employment. These contracts outline the player’s salary, bonuses, and other incentives, as well as the length of their contract and other terms and conditions.

NBA players can sign contracts that last anywhere from one to five years, with the option to sign extensions or renegotiate their contracts. Players are also eligible for certain bonuses and incentives, such as performance bonuses for achieving certain milestones, like making the playoffs or winning awards.

NBA contracts are guaranteed, meaning that even if a player is injured or unable to play, they will still receive their full salary. However, teams can waive players and remove them from their roster, which can affect their salary and future job prospects.

Do NBA Players Get Paid Weekly?

Monthly Payments

NBA players do not receive their salaries on a weekly basis. Instead, their salaries are typically paid out in monthly installments over the course of the season. The NBA season runs from October to April, with the playoffs extending into June. During the regular season, players receive their salaries in 12 monthly installments, with each payment reflecting 1/12th of their total salary for the season.

The amount of money NBA players make can vary widely depending on their skill level and experience. The average NBA salary is around $7.7 million per year, with some players earning significantly more. Superstar players like LeBron James and Steph Curry can earn upwards of $40 million per year, while role players and rookies typically earn much less.

Bonuses and Incentives

In addition to their base salaries, NBA players can also earn bonuses and incentives based on their performance. These bonuses can be paid out on a weekly, monthly, or annual basis, depending on the terms of the player’s contract.

Performance bonuses can include things like making the playoffs, winning a championship, or being named to an All-Star team. Some contracts also include bonuses for achieving individual milestones, such as averaging a certain number of points or rebounds per game.

NBA players can also earn money through endorsement deals, which can be worth millions of dollars per year. Endorsement deals allow players to promote products and brands and can be a significant source of income for many players.

How NBA players are paid?

NBA players are paid on a biweekly basis, which means they receive their salary every two weeks during the regular season. This is the same pay schedule as many other professionals in the United States, and it ensures that players have a steady stream of income throughout the season.

The NBA season runs from October to April, with playoffs and finals taking place in May and June. During this time, players receive their biweekly paychecks, which are deposited directly into their bank accounts. It’s worth noting that players don’t receive any pay during the offseason, which runs from July to September.

Salary structure

NBA player salaries are structured differently from many other professions. Rather than receiving a set salary, players earn their pay through a combination of guaranteed salary and performance incentives. This means that a player’s total pay can vary from year to year depending on their performance on the court.

In addition to their base salaries, many NBA players also earn money through endorsements and sponsorships. These deals can be worth millions of dollars, and they’re often tied to a player’s on-court performance and popularity. However, it’s important to note that endorsement deals are separate from a player’s NBA salary, and they’re subject to different tax laws.


In summary, NBA players are paid on a biweekly basis during the regular season, and their salaries are structured as a combination of guaranteed pay and performance incentives. Players sign contracts with their respective teams that outline their pay and other terms of employment, and these contracts can vary in length and value. While NBA players can earn significant sums of money through their contracts and endorsements, it’s important to remember that their salaries are subject to taxes and other financial considerations.

Instead, their salaries are typically paid out in monthly installments over the course of the season. NBA contracts are complex agreements that outline the terms of a player’s employment, including their salary, bonuses, and other incentives. While NBA salaries can vary widely, with some players earning millions of dollars per year, many players also earn additional income through performance bonuses and endorsement deals. Understanding how NBA contracts work can help fans appreciate the business side of the sport and the financial realities that players face.

Do NBA Players Get Paid Weekly?
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