Does Grace Come Back In Manifest?

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Manifest is a TV series that has been the talk of the town since its debut in 2018. The show has been praised for its intriguing storyline, unique premise, and memorable characters. One character that has captured the attention of many fans is Grace Stone, the wife of the protagonist Ben Stone. Grace’s character arc has been complex and engaging, and fans are eager to know if she will return in the upcoming seasons. In this blog post, we will delve into the question, “Does Grace come back in Manifest series?” and explore various theories and possibilities.

Does grace come back in manifest?

Theories and Speculations:

The possibility of Grace’s return has been a topic of much discussion amongst Manifest fans. There are several theories and speculations that could indicate that Grace might return in the upcoming seasons. Here are some of the most popular ones:

Grace’s Survival: One theory is that Grace may have survived the plane crash that is central to the show’s storyline. Some fans speculate that Grace might have been on another plane that crashed at the same time, which could explain her absence from the show. Others believe that Grace was never on Flight 828 in the first place, and her presence in the series was simply a red herring. While these theories are plausible, they are not supported by any concrete evidence from the show.

Time Travel: Another theory is that Grace might return through time travel. Manifest has explored the idea of time travel in previous seasons, and it is possible that the show might use this device to bring back Grace. Fans speculate that Grace could have time-traveled to a different era or timeline, where she may play a crucial role in the story. This theory is also supported by the fact that the show has introduced new characters with mysterious connections to the passengers of Flight 828.

Flashbacks and Dreams: The third theory is that Grace might return through flashbacks and dreams. Manifest has used flashbacks extensively to explore the backstories of its characters, and it is possible that the show might use this device to bring back Grace. Similarly, the show has also explored the idea of shared dreams, where the passengers of Flight 828 experience similar dreams. It is possible that Grace could appear in these dreams, providing crucial insights into the show’s central mystery.

Character Development:

Grace Stone’s character has undergone significant development over the course of Manifest’s three seasons. Her character arc has been complex, engaging, and has provided insights into the show’s central mystery. Here are some of the ways in which Grace’s character has evolved over the show’s run:

Resilience: Grace has demonstrated remarkable resilience in the face of adversity. She has faced numerous challenges, including her husband’s disappearance, her son’s illness, and her own health issues. Despite these setbacks, Grace has always found a way to persevere, often drawing strength from her family and friends.

Growth: Over the course of the series, Grace has grown as a person. She has become more independent, assertive, and self-confident, taking charge of her life and making her own decisions. This growth is exemplified in her decision to start her own business, something that she would never have considered before.

Compassion: Grace has always been a compassionate and empathetic character, demonstrating a deep understanding of others’ feelings and needs. This compassion has been particularly evident in her relationships with her children and her husband, where she has always put their needs before her own.

Possible Future Developments:

While the creators of Manifest have kept quiet about Grace’s future on the show, there are some possibilities for her character that fans can explore. Here are some of the most likely developments for Grace’s character in future seasons:

A Reappearance: The most obvious possibility is that Grace might reappear in future episodes. This could be in the form of flashbacks, dreams, or even as a result of time travel. The show has demonstrated that it is willing to take risks with its narrative, and bringing back a beloved character like Grace would be a significant development.

A New Storyline: Another possibility is that Grace might return with a new storyline. This could involve a new job, a new relationship, or even a new mystery to solve. Manifest has always been good at introducing new elements to its storyline, and Grace’s character could be a significant part of this evolution.

A Supporting Role: Finally, Grace might return in a supporting role, providing guidance and support to the other characters. This could be in the form of a mentor or a confidante, providing valuable insights into the show’s central mystery.


Manifest has captured the hearts and minds of audiences with its unique premise, memorable characters, and intriguing storyline. Grace Stone, in particular, has been a fan favorite, providing valuable insights into the show’s central mystery and evolving into a strong and resilient character. While the question of whether Grace will return remains unanswered, fans can take comfort in the fact that her character has left an indelible mark on the show’s narrative. Whether she returns or not, Grace’s character will always be remembered for her resilience, growth, and compassion. As we eagerly await the return of Manifest, we can only hope that Grace’s character will continue to play a significant role in the show’s future.

Does Grace Come Back In Manifest?
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