Fundamentals Of Catching A Flying Ball

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As you all know that games keep a person healthy and active so every person should spare some time from his busy life for games. Almost all games like baseball, cricket,  basketball, and many other games are played with a ball, and there are some specific ways to catch a flying ball towards you. When a beginner enters the field it’s difficult to catch the ball, but with time the fear of ball catching is removed. There are different fundamentals set by the couches and the higher authorities dealing with these games to catch a fly ball  If a player gets familiar with all these points he cannot get any issue in playing a good game. Let us know ‘Fundamentals Of Catching A Flying Ball’.

Fundamentals Of Catching A Flying Ball

Fundamentals Of Catching A Flying Ball

Focus on the ball is the basic fundamental of catching a flying ball. The bending of the elbows makes good contact between the ball and the player. The fundamental of two hands is used to catch a ball coming from a large high and more speed. Maintenance of body position helps you to catch the flying ball very easily. Zig zag drill is the one in which the flying ball can come towards you from any corner of the ground and you have to catch the ball. Good communication with your teammates is also a part of fundamental in catching a flying ball. All these practices make a player more active and responsible.

Fundamentals of catching a flying ball are very necessary to be taught because this makes a player active and more focused on the respective game where the ball is used. Some of the fundamentals of catching a flying ball are as under. Gloves roll reduces the change of bouncing back of the ball. Good judgment skills are nessacary for catching a flying ball. You should run after the ball depending on the speed of the ball.

Focus on the ball

When a ball come toward you there should be a full focus on your side of the ball, because if you lose your focus you cannot catch the ball. Focus on the ball help you to make a good angle between the ball and your hand. Thus you can easily catch a flying ball. This fundamental is necessary for every player to learn. After all, without this point, you cannot catch a ball easily.

Bending your elbows

When you think the ball is coming towards you at a large speed you should immediately bend your elbows and come in good contact with the ball. If you will not apply this the ball will hit your hands and bounce back so to avoid this error bending of elbows is necessary.

 You should also be familiar with some basic points like the relaxation of your shoulder and good eye contact with the ball. When you bend your elbows to catch the flying ball if you will apply this, you will learn very easily to grab a flying ball.

Fundamentals of two hand

It’s a very positive practice that a player should learn. This drill is a basic drill in catching a flying ball, when the ball come towards you, you have this skill that you can decide either to use both hands or can catch the flying ball with a single hand. 

In two hand drill, both hands are arranged in a specific manner so that the ball when touching your hand does not bounce the ball. Keep your body relaxed as the relaxation of your body is very necessary while performing this specific practice of catching the ball with both hands.

Soft hand drill

The soft hand drill is considered to be the basic practice for catching a flying ball. In this, the hands are bent according to the arrangement of the ball coming toward you. Thus your focus is to provide a good practice tie and area for this catching practice. 

In this drill, in soft hand drills, the use of gloves is not allowed and the player is allowed to bend his body in any direction depending on the location and arrangement of the ball. You should learn this drill with full passion and will.

Glove roll drill

A player must get familiar with the glove roll drill. In this, the main focus is that your gloves trap the ball very tightly. When you hold the ball with the glove, friction is created between the gloves and the ball. So to maintain this you should be familiar with all the basic tactics that a player should learn to have a good grip on the glove roll drill.

Body position

The position of your body and the adjustment of the angle of your body is very important. In catching a flying ball you should have to adjust the position of your body, if the position of your body is accurate you can easily catch the ball. 

You should also focus to catch the ball from the maximum height because when the height of the ball is high its speed is low and as a result, you can trap the ball very easily in your hands.

Judging a flying ball

When the ball come toward you, you have to judge from which angle the ball is coming and thus you have to adjust yourself accordingly. If the ball is coming from the back, you have to move back and if the ball is in front you have to adjust your angle according to the location of the ball. The good judgment of a player is necessary the couch focuses on the skills of the player so their judgment skills must increase so for that this skill is necessary.

Run after the ball

Sometimes it happens that the ball is very away from you and you have to first relax your body and move under the ball. If the ball is coming from a great height you should move under it and thus catch the flying ball. 

This tactic is considered to be the most important part of the fundamentals of catching a flying ball. When you run under the ball you must focus on the angle of your body with the ball. 

Behind the ball drill

This drill is done to make the player aware of different positions from which the ball can come, and you have to catch it. In this drill, you have to bend yourself backward or forward depending on the need of the ball location.  

Keep your feet in the air and thus catch the ball. This drill removes the fear of a person falling and thus practicing this drill is considered to be the basic learning step in baseball fielding.

Drill of zig-zag

The zig-zag drill is one in which you have to focus on all the corners of the ground. During this drill, the ball can come towards you from any location and you have such an experience catching the ball. 

In this drill, the gloves are not used because it sometimes happens that if you use gloves the ball may slip from your hand, and thus the position of the player is focused. The distance between the ball and the player should also be maintained to get a good grip on the ball.

Drill of pop up

In this drill, the fielder should focus to catch the ball at its highest position. The fielder should be fully attentive and when the ball come towards itself, he should adjust his location, according to the ball’s speed, and make himself come under the ball as early as possible. 

This drill is given in a net-coated area to make the player aware of the surroundings. Thus they can arrange themselves accordingly when the ball reaches them. This drill is a fundamental practice in baseball and the good player has a  full grip on this drill. 

Communications with teammate

Communication with your teammates matters a lot because when the ball come from a distance it may happen the two-player can approach it at the same time. So you first have to communicate with your followers and thus move accordingly. 

For this, your self-communication skills matter a lot as compared to verbal communication. When your body language will be strong you can easily communicate with your teammate and thus catch the ball easily.

Angle adjustment with the sun

Some matches are during the daytime, So you should make a good angle adjustment with the sun. If the ball is facing the sun you have to adjust yourself in such a way that you can easily focus on the ball and the sunlight does not reflect in your eyes.

Steps of catching the flying ball

There are three steps to catching a fly ball. While many young athletes struggle to do these three steps correctly, many athletes do them correctly. But they don’t know what they are doing! Therefore, run this drill every season and keep it short if need be. Quickly get to more challenging fly balls while teaching and enforcing fly ball footwork techniques.

  1. On contact, the appropriate foot steps back (in the direction of the ball) and the athlete reads the ball flight. Go get the ball… Perform footwork in the back.
  2. Crossover: The opposite foot quickly crosses over to get to the ball.
  3. Go!– Get that ball!


Catching is the most important thing in winning a match. We should give team coordination and understanding with other players to win. To take every difficult catch the player has to practice. 

They should learn how to catch a ball. Drills are very important in making a player aware of the different fundamentals of catching a ball. As we all know practice makes a man perfect so a player has to practice well before performing on the ground. 


Is practice necessary to take every catch?

Yes, practice is very important in winning a match. To take every difficult catch a player has to practice well. There are fundamentals of catching a flying ball that a person should practice to obtain success in his respective field.

What type of skills is fly ball catching?

This is a very amazing skill it is considered to be a hand-high communication skill in which you have to fully focus on the running walking and jumping abilities of a person.

Fundamentals Of Catching A Flying Ball
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