Has a kicker ever got Super Bowl MVP?

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The Super Bowl is an event that captivates the hearts of millions around the world. It showcases the best talents of American football, where the most skilled players battle for the ultimate prize. When we think of Super Bowl MVPs, images of quarterbacks throwing long bombs, running backs bursting through defensive lines, and wide receivers making acrobatic catches immediately come to mind. Yet, amidst the glory and the limelight, there is a group of players whose contributions often go overlooked—the kickers. In this blog post, we will delve into the fascinating history of Super Bowl MVPs and explore whether a kicker has ever claimed this coveted title.

Has a kicker ever got Super Bowl MVP?

A Game-Changing Field Goal: Field Goal Heroics in Super Bowl V

In the annals of Super Bowl history, one kicker’s performance stands out as truly remarkable—Jim O’Brien of the Baltimore Colts in Super Bowl V. Under the subduing glare of the Miami sun on January 17, 1971, the Colts clashed with the Dallas Cowboys in a thrilling battle for supremacy. The game was tense, with both teams struggling to find their rhythm on offense. Defense reigned supreme, turning the contest into a gritty showdown.

With just nine seconds remaining on the clock, the Baltimore Colts found themselves trailing 13-6. The pressure was mounting, the tension palpable. Jim O’Brien stepped onto the field, knowing that his every move would determine the fate of his team. As the seconds ticked away, he coolly launched a 32-yard field goal through the uprights, narrowing the gap to 13-9. The game was not yet over.

O’Brien’s defining moment arrived in the ultimate crescendo of the contest. As the fourth quarter drew to a close, he positioned himself for a potential game-winning field goal attempt. With only five seconds remaining, O’Brien held the fate of the Baltimore Colts in his hands. The snap was executed flawlessly, the hold was steady, and O’Brien’s foot swung with unwavering precision. The ball sailed gracefully through the air, splitting the uprights as the clock expired. Jim O’Brien had achieved the unthinkable—he secured victory for the Baltimore Colts with a 32-yard field goal, and in doing so, etched his name into Super Bowl history.

A Steely Nerve: Vinatieri’s Redemption in Super Bowl XXXVI

Super Bowl XXXVI will forever be remembered as the game that launched a dynasty—the New England Patriots’ rise to prominence under the leadership of Tom Brady and head coach Bill Belichick. Amidst the excitement and euphoria of this momentous occasion, another hero quietly emerged, proving that kickers could indeed take center stage.

In a heart-stopping clash against the heavily-favored St. Louis Rams, the Patriots found themselves tied at 17-17 with just seconds remaining on the clock. Their hopes hinged on the leg of a kicker who had experienced both the highs and lows of Super Bowl pressure—Adam Vinatieri. The stage was set for a truly iconic moment in Super Bowl history.

Vinatieri stepped onto the field, his focus unwavering. The deafening roar of the crowd faded into the background as he prepared to deliver a defining blow. The snap, the hold, the swing of his leg—all executed flawlessly. The ball sailed through the uprights, sealing victory for the New England Patriots with a 48-yard field goal as time expired. The Lombardi Trophy belonged to the Patriots, and Adam Vinatieri’s ice-cold nerves had guided them to glory.

A Quest for Recognition: The Case for Kickers as Super Bowl MVPs

While kickers have demonstrated their ability to influence the outcome of Super Bowl games with game-winning field goals and clutch performances, the question remains: Should a kicker be considered for the prestigious title of Super Bowl MVP? The arguments in favor of kickers receiving this recognition are compelling.

First and foremost, kickers often find themselves in high-pressure situations that can make or break a game. The ability to maintain composure and deliver under immense stress is a testament to their mental fortitude and skill. Just as quarterbacks are lauded for their ability to lead a team to victory, kickers showcase their leadership by stepping up when it matters most. The pivotal moments when they take the field, knowing that a successful kick can secure a Super Bowl win, are deserving of recognition.

Furthermore, kickers play a crucial role throughout the entire game, even if their contributions are not as obvious as those of offensive or defensive players. They are responsible for converting extra points after touchdowns, ensuring that teams capitalize on scoring opportunities. Additionally, kickers frequently determine field position through kickoffs, pinning opponents deep in their own territory and forcing them to fight for every yard. These contributions may not generate the same level of excitement as a long touchdown pass, but they are integral to the overall success of a team.

Moreover, kickers have showcased their versatility and adaptability over the years. They have become increasingly accurate, with some kickers boasting impressive career field goal percentages. This level of precision can swing the momentum of a game and dictate strategy for both teams. Additionally, kickers have demonstrated the ability to adapt to adverse weather conditions, which can significantly impact the outcome of a Super Bowl. Their ability to navigate wind, rain, or snow and still deliver crucial kicks should not be overlooked.


In conclusion, while kickers have yet to claim the title of Super Bowl MVP, their impact on the game should not be underestimated. From game-winning field goals to steady performances throughout the contest, kickers have proven time and again that they are integral to the success of their teams. While the glitz and glamour may often favor the offensive stars, it is important to recognize the contributions of kickers and consider their eligibility for the prestigious Super Bowl MVP award. Their moments of triumph and ability to handle immense pressure make them worthy contenders for this accolade.

Has a kicker ever got Super Bowl MVP?
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