How does Arya go blind?

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Arya Stark is one of the most beloved characters in the Game of Thrones series, and her journey throughout the show is both thrilling and heartbreaking. She is a fierce and independent young woman who endures countless trials and tribulations, including being blinded for a time. This event is a turning point in her character arc, and it leaves viewers wondering how and why it happened. In this blog post, we will explore the circumstances that led to Arya going blind and examine the impact it had on her character development.

How does Arya go blind?

The Faceless Men

To understand how Arya went blind, we must first delve into the mysterious organization known as the Faceless Men. This group of assassins is based in Braavos, and they are known for their ability to change their appearance and assume different identities. Arya comes into contact with the Faceless Men when she arrives in Braavos seeking their help in becoming a skilled assassin. She is taken under the wing of Jaqen H’ghar, who begins to train her in the ways of the Faceless Men.

The training is grueling and intense, and Arya struggles to adapt to the harsh conditions. She is required to give up her identity and become “no one,” which means abandoning her former life and all of her attachments. However, despite her best efforts, Arya cannot let go of her past and continues to cling to her old identity. This reluctance to fully embrace the ways of the Faceless Men sets in motion the events that lead to her blindness.

The Waif

One of Arya’s main adversaries during her time in Braavos is the Waif, another member of the Faceless Men. The Waif is tasked with training Arya, and she takes a sadistic pleasure in tormenting and humiliating her. The two have a contentious relationship from the start, and their conflicts eventually come to a head when Arya is ordered to assassinate Lady Crane, an actress who has been kind to her.

Arya’s assassination attempt fails, and she is forced to flee from the Faceless Men. The Waif pursues her relentlessly, and the two engage in a brutal fight in the streets of Braavos. Arya is badly injured, but she manages to escape and seeks refuge with Lady Crane. However, the Waif is not far behind, and she shows up at Lady Crane’s house to finish the job. In the ensuing fight, Arya manages to kill the Waif, but she is badly wounded and loses her sight as a result.

The Loss of Sight

The loss of her sight is a devastating blow to Arya, both physically and emotionally. She is completely dependent on others for assistance and cannot even defend herself without the use of her vision. The Faceless Men refuse to provide her with any medical assistance, as they believe that her blindness will help her to better understand the ways of the organization. Arya is forced to adapt to her new condition and rely on her other senses in order to survive.

Despite the challenges she faces, Arya remains determined to regain her sight and prove herself to the Faceless Men. She spends countless hours practicing her sword fighting and other skills, and she gradually begins to hone her other senses. She is eventually able to defeat the Waif in a pitch-black room, using only her ears and her instincts.

The Return to Westeros

After regaining her sight, Arya is given a new assignment by the Faceless Men: to assassinate an actress who has been hired to perform a play about the death of King Joffrey. However, Arya has other plans, and she decides to abandon the Faceless Men and return to Westeros. Her experiences in Braavos have left her disillusioned with the organization and its methods, and she realizes that she cannot continue to be “no one” and must embrace her true identity as Arya Stark.

Arya’s return to Westeros marks a major turning point in her character arc. She is no longer the innocent young girl who left her home in search of vengeance; she is a hardened and skilled assassin who is ready to take on anyone who stands in her way. Her blindness and the training she received from the Faceless Men have made her a more formidable opponent, and she uses her newfound skills to eliminate her enemies one by one.


In conclusion, Arya’s blindness was a pivotal moment in her character arc and a key factor in her development as an assassin. It was the result of her struggles to fully embrace the ways of the Faceless Men and her ongoing conflicts with the Waif. Although it was a difficult and painful experience for Arya, it ultimately made her a stronger and more capable warrior. Her return to Westeros marked a new chapter in her journey, and it will be exciting to see what the future holds for this beloved character.

How does Arya go blind?
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