How Many Calories Do You Burn During A Baseball Game?

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Baseball might not be a fast game if you are a spectator, but for a baseball player, it could be a fast game, and players could burn calories. Pitchers get constantly engaged as they hurl the ball, outfielders display quick speed and coordination as they run to catch a ball, and a batter puts their entire strength to swing hard just to sprint around the base. Baseball might not burn as many calories as a game of tennis, but could be considered a decent workout.

How Many Calories Do You Burn During A Baseball Game?

How Many Calories Do You Burn During A Baseball Game?

Now, you might wonder how many calories you burn while playing a baseball game. So, while playing for one hour only, a 160-pound person could burn almost 365 calories, and if your weight is more you could burn more calories, while if your weight is less you could burn fewer calories. Moreover, the entire length of a baseball game is two hours and 50 minutes, which means that you could burn around 1,032 calories during the entire game.

Baseball playing benefits

To play baseball is just like doing a cardiovascular workout as baseball strengthens heart muscles, enhances eye-hand coordination, boosts leg and arms power, and burns calories. Moreover, baseball players achieve various mental and physical benefits during participation in the game and you could discover varying benefits of playing baseball that could maintain your lifestyle along with calorie reduction. Let’s quickly dive into some of the benefits of playing baseball.

Makes strong arms

Baseball players could easily build upper body strength by just throwing, swinging, and catching a baseball which could enhance their joint flexibility. Bat swinging and ball throwing need strength from the entire arm’s muscles, like the biceps, triceps, chest muscles, and shoulders. 

Makes strong legs

From squatting to throwing a baseball, the game includes your leg’s muscles such as glutes, hamstrings, and calf muscles. Apart from this, the game possesses short running spurts from one base to another base that serves as an ideal option for strengthening the leg’s muscles.

Calorie burning

Catching a ball, running to catch a ball, and swinging a bat could improve your metabolism and could burn out calories. Moreover, a person could burn around 345 calories during a baseball game. Baseball is an ideal game to play if you wish to burn calories. 

Enhances concentration and mental focus

Baseball is not only a game where players stay in constant motion, but during the game, more mental focus is required. Baseball players need to concentrate more on the number of outs, the score, and who stays on base. And when a player is on the field, the player must keep their eye on the baseball and know the time when to run towards the next base. Getting involved in a baseball game could refresh your mind from everyday distractions. 

Becoming a professional baseball player

Becoming a professional player doesn’t require any sort of formal education, and expert baseball players don’t require any sort of secondary credentials. For certain players, their career in baseball starts at a very early age along with little experience. On a baseball field, players could learn entire skills and rules of baseball, that includes information about pitching, playing, and batting on the field. 

To play baseball a player should possess good sports spirit along with high physical capability and the players should have strong physical strength along with better hand-eye coordination for better pitching and batting. Apart from this, a baseball player needs to possess strong sprinter qualities and should have the ability to move rapidly from one base to another base. 

Furthermore, a baseball player isn’t required to grab extra calories as baseball is not a game of constant activity. Baseball catchers and pitchers require much more calories than outfielders and infielders. A pitcher possessing 183 pounds could burn out around 900 calories in an entire game of baseball, while a fielder of 183 pounds could burn out almost 610 calories in an entire game of baseball. 


Baseball is an exciting sport that could burn enough calories and make you fit, and would be best for kids. The game is an excellent source to teach the value of teamwork and allows you to stay healthy. Improve your athletic performance by building muscles and by enhancing mental focus and burning calories. Moreover, the calorie-burning amount for every baseball player varies. 


Q1) Is it possible to lose weight while playing baseball?

Ans. Yes, a person could burn calories or could lose weight during a baseball game as catching, swinging the bat, and running is considered exercises and makes you healthy and fit.

Q2) Does ball throwing burn calories?

Ans. Yes, ball throwing could result in calorie burning as a 130-pound player could burn around 295 calories every hour which makes you healthy. 

How Many Calories Do You Burn During A Baseball Game?
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