How Many Mets Numbers Are Retired?

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A time comes when one has to take off from their career. This situation does not matter which job one would be partaking in. while playing as a Mets team member, the profession of baseball may end at one time. New York Mets players take their time to serve the team until they are willing to retire or take their time out of the group. Let us know ‘How Many Mets Numbers Are Retired?’. 

How Many Mets Numbers Are Retired?

How Many Mets Numbers Are Retired?

Several team members for the Mets have had their retirement since the team started. Others have just retired recently. So, some number has retired from with the Mets, such as number 36, in which the holder was Jerry Koosman, number 42 and the recent 24, in which the member holders were Jackie Robinson and Willie May, respectively. 

If you would like to know more about such numbers that have retired from the Mets, you will get all the information here. 

Koosman Jerry

Koosman Jerry is one of the team members who retired earlier and used to play for the Mets in the earlier days before the 21 century. The number he used to play with is #36, which retired recently on August 28 2021.

Jerry played with number 36 from the year 1967. This was after he was taken in from the army. He held number 36 until the year 1978. So, the #36 was there until recently, when it retired in 2021.  

Piazza Mike 

Another number of retiring in the New York Mets is #31. Piazza held the number from 1998 when he became a starter with the New York Mets seven times. He played with number 31 until 2005.

However, Piazza’s number #31 retired on 2016 July 30, and Piazza Mike was elected to this year’s Hall of Fame for baseball playing. The number 31 for Piazza retired this year in 2016 in a tribute. This was at Citi Field. 

Robinson Jackie

Jackie Robinson was an African American who took the number 42 and was the first to play as a Mets in the leagues, Major Leagues, that is. 

He took the number 42 in 1947. Although Jackie’s 42 retired in 1997 after being in the team from ’47 to ’97. So, the number #42 holder Jackie Robinson is one of the earliest retired numbers of the Mets.  

Seaver Tom

The number 41 has won in 20 seasons 311 games. In 1967, it won the Rookie, and three-time winner of the Cy Young Award, in 1969, 1973 and also in the year 1975. 

Tom Seaver’s number #41 was, however, retired in 1988. This was at the Stadium of Shea on July 24. Also, it was during a tribute that Tom’s number 41 got retired. 

Furthermore, Tom Seaver got an election in 1992 to the Hall of Fame for National Baseball playing.  

 Hodges Gil

In his second season, Hodges Gil, with his number 14, made it to World Championship in 1969 Miracle Mets. Gils’ number 14 retired in 1973, on June 9. Also, it was during his time that Hodges Gill guided his team, the New York Mets. This was between the years 1968 and 1971. 

Furthermore, Gil was the third-most winner in the Mets’ history while he was the manager.  

Stengel Casey

In 1965 the number 37 retired from the Mets. Number 37 was Stengel Casey’s, and he was elected to the Hall of Fame for Baseball in 1966. It was in 1981 that Casey got inducted into such Hall of Fame of the Mets.   

Hernandez Keith

Hernandez Keith’ number #17 is also among the retired numbers for the Mets. In the year 2022, Keith’s number 17 retired. 

May Willie

Recently, Willie’s number 24 was retired from the Mets. This is another number that has the latest record of retirement. With his number, May Willie became a start 24 times and an MVP two times in the National League. 

May Willie is also the fifth player to get his number retired after Hernandez Keith’s number 17, as of 2022. May played for the Mets for two seasons only with his number 24.   


Some Mets numbers get retired after some years. Before the 21 century, considerable numbers have retired compared to after 2005. One of the earliest retired numbers is the Koosman Jerry’s number 36. This is one of the numbers that got retired before some players even could join the Mets. However, some numbers, like 24, the holder was Willie May, have the latest retired status. In the above list, it is May Willie’s number 24, and Hernandez Keith’s number #17 retired in the last season, 2022. 

  • Which retired Mets number is the latest?

The number 24 is May Willie’s and holds the latest news for retired Mets number. Willie is a Hall of Famer in baseball. May Willie’s number 24 retired after number 17 Hernandez Keith’s Mets number. 

  • Will Carter Gary’s number be retired?

 Carter Gary’s number 8 is expected to be the next to get retired. This follows after Hernandez Keith’s number 17 got retired. 


How Many Mets Numbers Are Retired?
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