How many points is a call-in at Walmart?

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Step into any Walmart store, and you’ll find a bustling environment with employees committed to providing exceptional service. But have you ever wondered how their attendance and punctuality are measured? Walmart employs a unique score system called “Call-In Points,” which serves as a performance metric for tracking and managing employee attendance. In this captivating exploration, we delve deep into the intricacies of Walmart’s Call-In Points, uncovering the significance of this scoring system and shedding light on the factors that contribute to an employee’s point accumulation.

How many points is a call in at walmart?

Understanding Walmart’s Call-In Points

At the heart of Walmart’s attendance policy lies the Call-In Points system. This section aims to demystify the concept of Call-In Points, shedding light on its purpose, function, and how it affects employees’ work-life balance.

The Purpose and Significance

Behind the veil of Call-In Points lies a complex tapestry of factors aimed at fostering a positive work environment. Walmart understands that absenteeism can hinder productivity, disrupt schedules, and impact customer experience. Therefore, the Call-In Points system acts as a measure to curb excessive absenteeism and encourage punctuality among employees.

Within this system, each instance of absenteeism, tardiness, or early departure accumulates points, signifying deviations from the ideal attendance record. By assigning numerical values to each infraction, Walmart establishes a framework to identify and address attendance issues, ensuring a smooth operation and satisfactory shopping experience for customers.

How Call-In Points Are Calculated

Behind the scenes, Walmart utilizes a methodical approach to calculate an employee’s Call-In Points. Understanding this process provides valuable insights into how attendance is evaluated, giving employees a clearer understanding of the system they operate within.

When an employee fails to report to work or is tardy, points are assigned based on the duration and frequency of the occurrence. While the exact formula may vary, factors such as the number of shifts missed, the employee’s tenure, and any extenuating circumstances are taken into account. This ensures that the system considers individual circumstances and avoids penalizing employees unduly for unavoidable situations.

Impact on Employees and Strategies for Point Reduction

Having comprehended the workings of the Call-In Points system, it is crucial to understand how these points impact Walmart employees and the potential strategies they can employ to reduce or eliminate them.

The Consequences of Accumulating Points

For employees at Walmart, accumulating Call-In Points carries both short-term and long-term consequences. As the points increase, an employee’s reliability and work ethic may come under scrutiny, potentially affecting their chances of promotions, wage increases, or even continued employment. This section highlights the significance of maintaining a favorable Call-In Points record and its impact on an individual’s career trajectory within the organization.

Strategies for Point Reduction

While accumulating Call-In Points can be detrimental, Walmart encourages employees to adopt proactive strategies to reduce their points and improve their attendance record. This subsection presents various approaches employees can take, such as utilizing personal time off, adhering to the proper reporting procedures, and effectively communicating with supervisors. By taking advantage of these strategies and being proactive in addressing attendance concerns, employees can work towards minimizing their Call-In Points and bolstering their professional standing within the company.

Continuous Improvement and Feedback

In Walmart’s pursuit of excellence, the Call-In Points system is subject to continuous evaluation and improvement. This section explores the feedback mechanisms and initiatives undertaken by Walmart to refine the system and address any potential issues or concerns.

Feedback Loops and Employee Input

Walmart actively seeks feedback from its employees regarding the Call-In Points system. Surveys, focus groups, and regular employee check-ins provide valuable insights into the system’s effectiveness and identify areas for improvement. By involving employees in the decision-making process, Walmart ensures that the system evolves in a manner that aligns with the needs and experiences of its workforce.

Regular Policy Reviews

Recognizing the dynamic nature of the retail industry, Walmart periodically reviews its attendance policies, including the Call-In Points system, to adapt to changing needs and circumstances. These policy reviews take into account factors such as market trends, employee feedback, and legal requirements, ensuring that the system remains fair and relevant in a rapidly evolving environment.


In conclusion, Walmart’s Call-In Points system is a comprehensive and intricate tool that serves as a cornerstone of employee attendance management. By fostering a culture of accountability, promoting open communication, and addressing special circumstances, Walmart strives to create an environment where employees are empowered to manage their attendance effectively. With continuous improvement and a commitment to employee well-being, Walmart ensures that the Call-In Points system remains a fair and valuable asset in maintaining a productive and customer-centric retail experience.

How many points is a call-in at Walmart?
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