How Much Are Mets Jerseys At Citi Field?

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You is a Mets fan, and you’re looking to buy a jersey. You’ve seen them many times on the internet and you wish to purchase them. You’re not sure how much they cost at the stadium, so you go to the Mets website for help. Let us know more detail about ‘How Much Are Mets Jerseys At Citi Field?’.

How Much Are Mets Jerseys At Citi Field?

How Much Are Mets Jerseys At Citi Field?

On the Mets website, there’s a whole section devoted to jerseys. You may view images of every single shirt and filter them by player or color. Furthermore, you may view the price of each jersey. There are several affordable jerseys also, but the most costly jersey costs $299.99.If you’re looking to buy a jersey at Citi Field, you must have money from $90 to $300.

 That’s a question that a lot of people have been asking as the Mets gear up for another playoff. It turns out that the reaction differs based on where you are in the stadium. If you’re near the production set in Section 131, you’ll pay a bit more than if you’re elsewhere in the stadium.

But no matter where you buy your Mets jersey, you can be sure that you’re getting a quality product that will help you show your support for the home team.

So Here are the ways of getting Mets Jersey in an economical way: How Much Are Mets Jerseys At Citi Field?

1. Cheap Mets Jerseys for Sale

You can buy Mets jerseys at the official online store of Major League Baseball. They have the widest selection of authentic jerseys, and the largest selection of gear is available without having to come to Citi Field. You can order merchandise for delivery by filling out a form on the website.

2. Mets Jerseys for Sale 2022

You can find Mets Jerseys for sale at the team store at Citi Field. You can get the jerseys in various colors and sizes, and they’ll definitely make you look like a real New Yorker!

Prices for the jerseys start at $69.99, but you can get a discount by buying online. If you’re looking for a unique gift for a die-hard Mets fan, then a jersey is a perfect choice. So head over to the team store and check out the latest arrivals!

3. Black Mets Jerseys for Sale

You can buy a Mets jersey at Citi Field for anywhere from $40 to $300. The most popular jerseys are the black ones, which usually cost around $100.

4. Mets Jerseys for Sale Custom

You can buy Mets jerseys at the stadium, but they’re costly. The cheapest option is the replica jersey, which will set you back $100. If you want to go all out, there’s the limited edition David Wright jersey, which costs $250. But if you want something which totally makes a different impact on your personality then Jerseys can be custom-made in many colors, and you can choose from a range of styles and fonts. You can add your own name to the back of the jersey. So if you want to feel like a real Mets player, this is the best way to do it.

Mets Jerseys for Sale Pro Tips

You’re at Citi Field, and you want to buy a Mets jersey. But you’re not sure about the jersey’s price. What do you do?

Here are a few precious tips to help you out:

  1. Mets jersey’s price range starts at $100, but they can go up depending on the player’s popularity and the rarity of the jersey.
  2. If you want to save some money, consider buying a jersey at the team store rather than at the stadium. The prices are a bit low.
  3. If you’re looking for a unique jersey, consider checking out the Mets’ online store. They sometimes sell jerseys that aren’t available in the stadium.
  4. Be prepared to spend a bit more for a game-worn jersey or one that’s autographed by one of your favorite players.
  5. And lastly, have fun! Buying a Mets jersey is always a fun experience.


The Mets are a baseball team based in the neighborhood of the New York City borough of Queens. The Mets were founded in 1962 and played their first game in the Polo Grounds. In 2009, they shifted to Citi Field.

The jerseys at Citi Field cost $100 for home jerseys and $120 for away jerseys. You can also buy customized jerseys which will cost more. If you’re looking for a cheaper option, you can also buy replicas or custom jerseys. Replicas are cheaper but don’t have the same fabric quality as official jerseys.No matter which jersey you choose, you’ll be sure to look like a die-hard Mets fan.

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  • The Mets chose orange and blue, but why?

Dodger blue and Giant orange are the official colors of the Mets, representing the relocation of the Dodgers and Giants to California and the subsequent restoration of National League baseball to New York. The state of New York’s official colors is orange and blue.

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  • Who was the Mets’ logo’s creator?

The iconic New York cityscape and the orange outline of a baseball seam serve as the ideal backdrop for the cursive Mets wordmark to rest against, making the New York Mets logo, created by artist Ray Gotto, one of the most recognizable in sports.

  • Since when are names on Mets uniforms?

The Mets added the player’s last name over the top of the jersey’s back, just like they did in 1965, to an otherwise unaltered uniform.

How Much Are Mets Jerseys At Citi Field?
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